Official Huawei Tag: is it the smart tag alternative to Apple and Samsung?

huawei tag smart tracker official features price

A few months ago, Huawei had introduced in the Global S-Tag market, an activity tracker tag, the first for the brand, dedicated to sportsmen. Well, this time he presented what is actually the first position detector, that is Huawei Tag, which can be called the first true smart tag company.

Huawei Tag: all about the new smart tag of the brand

huawei tag smart tracker official features price 2

Huawei Tag, in its design, it has a rounded shape, but far from the circle shape of Apple Air Tag for example. In fact, it consists of a triangular shape, while recalling the Apple smart tag, also for the layout of the logo. What makes the difference is the underlying part, since it is not glossy but opaque and in white.

huawei tag smart tracker official features price 3

Turning to its technical characteristics, we have a thickness of 5.6 mm with a weight of 6 grams. Inside we find a module NFC, which thanks to the detection system in just 15 seconds, it is useful for any loss or detection. All this, assures Huawei, is operated in the greatest possible privacy. Battery life is estimated at a year. There is no lack of support forIP67 waterproof, as well as leatherette accessories.

But how much does Huawei Tag cost? Here surely comes the beauty: in fact, the brand has set a price of approx 15€ (99 yuan), while the 4 pack is priced around 43€ (299 yuan), while accessories start at approx 10€ (69 yuan). In short, a more than convenient device compared to its competitors, but the real question is: when will Huawei bring its smart tag to us? To date, unfortunately, there is no answer.

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