Headwolf WPad 1 review: at 130 € it is the BATTLE tablet you have to BUY!


There have been several tablets in our hands lately, more or less suitable for all budgets: after the presentation, however, of Xiaomi pad 5 last year, and of RealmePad, let's say that all Android manufacturers have gone into the background, to be honest, since they cover the two most succulent price ranges, with some success.

Today I want to talk to you about an inexpensive product that I have had the opportunity to try, and which in this initial pre-order phase has a decidedly low cost, less than € 150, but it contains potential: the brand is unknown, it is called Headwolf and the model is the Wpad 1. Gizchina it is also this, it leads you to discover new brands as it happened in the first months of work after the birth of our portal.

Headwolf WPad 1 review

Design and Materials

Headwolf WPad 1 has a body made of aluminum, with a single upper band in plastic, presumably where the antennas of the telephone module have been placed. This tablet is great 243.5 157.1 x x 8.7mm, weight about 500 grams and fits, by right, in the market segment of tablet from 10.1 ″, a sector as popular as it is crowded.


Aesthetically, it is there poco to say, although it is an unknown brand and certainly not with a great history behind it in terms of devices produced, I can tell you that on a practical level it is a well-made and assembled device. What is not exciting, but as often happens also on more expensive products and more famous brands, is the front part with its rather important frames that certainly do not go unnoticed.


At the level of equipment, then, it has a rather anachronistic management of spaces and different from many others; on the long right side, the buttons for adjusting the volume, the power button and one of the two speakers at the bottom have been inserted, while the other has been inserted on the long left side that does not host anything else.

On the top the company has entered the USB-C connector for recharging and in addition, almost to go unnoticed, in the corner has also integrated the connector from 3.5 mm, a move appreciated in this price range where the end user almost certainly moves his steps into the digital world for the first times and therefore certainly has a pair of wired headphones rather than a bluetooth one.


As I told you poco ago, the screen of this HEADWOLF WPad 1 it's a10.1 ″ inch drive with resolution 1920 × 1200 pixels of type TFT LCD, an absolutely entry-level panel but in step with the competition on the market.


Frames aside, which I have already told you are quite unpleasant, the display is not among the best seen in circulation, but I must be honest and tell you which devices within 200-250 euros they have a yield very similar to this, so he who costs almost 100 less is totally justified.

This is to tell you that the display has the usual defects that are noticed on products in this range: satisfactory colors yes, but viewing angles and maximum brightness that hardly reach sufficiency and limit, in some circumstances, the normal usability of the tablet.

Hardware and Performance

If on the one hand the company has not used a Unisoc processor that I personally cannot tolerate, on the other it must be said that it has used a processor Mediatek not the youngest ever, because we are talking about a SoC presented in mid-2018, so already with 4 years of "technology" behind it.

In detail, I refer toHelio P22, at the time a 12nm mid-range CPU, which is joined by 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM memory and 128GB of storage expandable up to an additional 256GB via MicroSD; there GPU is a IMG PowerVR GE8320 and overall, I can tell you that it is limited hardware on some fronts and sufficient for others.

It is logical that those who expect a fluid, snappy and responsive device in all scenarios have to allocate a larger budget for the purchase; different is, as in this case, when the budget is lower and you have to deal with some limitations, but not so many. In everyday use this is a tablet with which you can do everything, as long as you are patient and do not want to try to hurry at all costs, because in that case it is not the right device.

With HEADWOLF WPad 1 I tried to surf the internet, consult social networks, open more or less heavy PDFs, and play a few games of my reference titles, and I must say that the only pledge to pay is an important slowness in the opening times of the apps or of the files, but otherwise we say that it is usable.

For intellectual honesty (not mine, but yours) it is a product that I would recommend to those who will not have to go beyond the multimedia use made of videos on YouTube, some light games, Disney +, Netflix and similar. Positive note of this tablet is the fact that it is equipped with a telephone module that allows it to connect to the internet in 4G as well as make calls directly from the tablet; on the connectivity front, there is also support for Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ca (2.4-5GHz) and also GPS + BDS + Glonass.


Contrary to all odds, the version of Android on board this HEADWOLF WPad 1 is 12, with security patches updated to June 2022, probably because this is a product not yet officially released on the market at the time of writing.

However, as per tradition on many products like this, the software is always the same, characterized by the usual graphical interface that many share and which for a good 90% resembles Android Stock; Furthermore, there are no extra features introduced by the manufacturer who limited himself to installing a lighter software in order to carry out all the daily tasks without great difficulty.

The entire suite of Google services is installed from the first start, there is the perfect Italian language and without translation defects, and unfortunately the Widevine L1 certifications are missing, as is now customary.


The Headwolf tablet also has two cameras, one front and one rear: on the back the lens is even, on paper, to be 16MP with single LED flash, while on the front the selfie camera is 8MP.


We know very well how Chinese manufacturers enjoy writing data sheets with much larger numbers than the norm, and this would not be the first time, but overall to be honest the quality of the photos captured by this tablet satisfied me: let's be clear , in my opinion they are not 16MP eh, but still the shots have their why.

During the day and outside, but not against the light, the photos captured have gods discreet details, the focus is fast but the lens cannot let in so much light, so the photos are always a little dark, and never with beautiful bright colors, but maybe I'm asking too much; the backlit photos are not his strong point, the lens does not fit in the best way and often the photo can be totally dark.

The selfie camera has been promoted both for the wide angle of view and for the quality; not the best, however, the videos that are however recorded in FullHD.


La battery supplied with HEADWOLF WPad 1 it's a unit from 6600 mAh able to recharge, unfortunately, up to max 10W taking quite a long time compared to what we are now used to seeing around.


Beyond this aspect, however, it must be said that the autonomy is very good because you can touch and exceed the six hours of active screen with multimedia use, in Wi-Fi and with the screen at maximum brightness.

It drops slightly, however, when we use the tablet with the SIM inserted inside it and maybe we move by car, train or other means, where phone cell changes put a little more stress on the Headwolf tablet (and not only !).

Price and considerations

At a time when companies like Realme have launched their own commercial proposal in the tablet sector, as I said at the beginning, many other manufacturers have seen themselves almost eclipsed for various reasons: this HEADWOLF WPad 1 is a tablet that is aimed, roughly, at an audience similar to that of Realme Pad, and the "stronger" name can make you understand the fate of the "more unknown" products of secondary brands.

In any case, this HEADWOLF WPad 1 is a tablet for those looking for an inexpensive product, to be given perhaps to their small child to watch cartoons, videos on YouTube and uses similar to these. Its flaws? A processor from 2018 (but which does not create problems in the uses mentioned above) and a screen poco bright that may not do your media justice. Ah, I was almost forgetting the price: 127 euros for the first 100 orders, destined to rise up to 147 euros for those who fail to re-enter the first bracket.


Buy it now, the first 100 pieces have a special discounted price, then the price will go up to € 147,28! 

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