Aspiring musicians, TheONE Air is Xiaomi's smart keyboard that's perfect for getting started

TheONE Air 61 discount code xiaomi youpin

Today we can say that anything has an intelligent or IoT-driven counterpart. Even the musical instruments are not far behind, like the smart electric keyboard TheONE Air 61, from Xiaomi YouPin, an ideal solution for aspiring musicians and veterans: here you will find the best opportunities to save, on a flash offer or with a discount code, and shipping from Europe is always a must.

TheONE Air 61 discount code: how to save on Xiaomi YouPin smart electric keyboard

TheONE Air 61 discount code xiaomi youpin

The design of the TheONE Air 61 (remember, from Xiaomi YouPin) it is certainly more ergonomic and slim than the smart keyboard TOK1, of the same family, but also the functions are actually more advanced. THE 61 keys very similar to those of the piano, as well as the backlight, but also i 417 types of switching of the melody of the tone can be adjusted through a dedicated application.

TheONE Air 61 discount code xiaomi youpin

Not missing one Bluetooth connection to be able to safely support a iPad or an Android tablet in order to practice or play sheet music always from supported applications. In addition, you can learn in a simple way also thanks to the help of the dedicated app: this is free to download and is designed for children and beginners. Furthermore, the Air 61 model is not only a smart keyboard, but also becomes a practical one speaker thanks to stereo speakers from 10W. In short, a small audio system, so you don't miss anything.

smart air 61 electric keyboard offer 2

La TheONE Air 61 electric smart keyboard back to offer with discount code on Banggood at a great price and convenient shipping from the store's warehouses in Europe. Below you will find the link to the purchase, together with the coupon to use to save: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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Shipping from EUROPE 1.2 €

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