Make it all in 3D with the Revopoint POP 2 scanner on offer

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In addition to the expansion of the market for 3D printers and laser engravers, even 3D scanners are certainly tools used to work with this technology. And if you need one, you can take a look at the offer with a discount code that GeekBuying he put for it 3D scanner Revopoint POP 2, complete with shipping from Europe.

Revopoint POP 2 discount code: how to save on the 3D scanner on offer

discount code revopoint pop 2 offer coupon 3d scanner 2

Il Revopoint is a compact scanner, comfortable to use and easy to carry, consisting of a main part with sensors and a tripod to hold it on a flat surface such as a table or a work desk. The POP 2, to perform the scan, finds a binocular micro-structured light that allows you to obtain data in the cloud quickly and with high accuracy of 0.05 mm.

discount code revopoint pop 2 offer coupon 3d scanner 3

Also, when it comes to the frame rate, we have an excellent range of 10 fps, which added to the action of the gyroscope 6 DoF it makes us obtain a faster and more precise positioning in space, reduces scanning errors, improves fluidity and makes the whole process certainly faster, with a general improvement in the operational flow, shape, reference point and color. All this to achieve perfect 3D scans for animation, color printing and even for AR and VR. There is also a smart component, which is activated via the dedicated application for Android and iOS.

So how to save on this product? The portable 3D scanner Revopoint POP 2 is, as mentioned, on offer thanks to the discount code di Geekbuying which ships it to you quickly from its warehouses located in Europe. Find the link in the box below: if you don't see it correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE

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