KUGOO Kirin G3 will make you whiz like on the track

discount code kugoo kirin g3 electric scooter coupon offer

Electric scooters are now a means of transport to everyone's reach and above all they are everywhere. But sometimes you try to want more, as in the case of the electric scooter KUGOO Kirin G3, which is back on offer with a discount code on the Geekbuying and that you can have with shipping from Europe.

KUGOO Kirin G3 discount code: how to save on the electric scooter on offer

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With a totally sporty design, it uses a structure that explicitly points to the aerodynamic footprint and speed and it is no coincidence. Indeed, it comes with a well engine 1.200W, which allows him to overtake many other top-of-the-range scooters at maximum speeds, although the limit is always 25 km/h. As for the battery, it is equipped with a very large module from 18 Ah, which allows autonomy up to 60 km.

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For the rest of the specifications, we have a maximum inclination of up to 20 °, a load of up to 100 kg, a suspension in TPU, tires from 10.5" toothed, three lighting modes for 7 lights, a large touch screen display and a double brake system.

Then find the KUGOO Kirin G3 on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying, to which you can combine the always useful free shipping from the European warehouses of the store. Find the box with the purchase link below, so you can buy it quickly. NB If you do not see the link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE

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