Tired of traffic? Ride on the D8 Pro scooter on offer

discount code d8 pro electric scooter coupon offer

City traffic is an increasingly urgent nuisance and often loses the environment. But how can we avoid the hustle and bustle? Surely, by choosing an electric means of transport such as the D8 Pro electric scooter, which is now in offering with discount code on the store of Geekbuying and is shipped to you directly from its warehouses located in Europe.

Discount code D8 Pro: how to save on the electric scooter on offer

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The electric scooter protagonist of the offer comes with a form factor in full trend of the category, therefore light, thin and ergonomic, therefore easy to use. The D8 Pro has tires from 8 ″ honeycomb, therefore structured to avoid punctures or bursts, as well as being suitable for various types of tracks.

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The whole is powered by a 350W, which thanks to a 36V / 7.8 Ah allows to obtain autonomy up to 30 km. The maximum speed is that allowed in European standards, that is 25 km/h. There are three ways of use and all of them have a certain speed. The D8 Pro does not fail to be foldable but above all, it is equipped with a Front LED for night walks complete with a rear safety light. Finally, there is also a classic rear brake system.

So find the D8 Pro electric scooter in offering on the store of Geekbuying, which brings it to you at a great price thanks to a discount code dedicated. Furthermore, the convenience is greater if you also think about shipping, which takes place from the European warehouses of the store itself. NB If you do not correctly view the box with the link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE

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