The Xiaomi NEXTOOL multipurpose flashlight is the 6 in 1 gadget to always have with you

Xiaomi NEXTOOL multipurpose flashlight discount code

The period of walks and excursions, even at night, has now come (good weather and holidays do not only mean "sea"), but it is necessary to have the right accessories to carry them out in complete safety. So, a gadget like the 6 in 1 NEXTOOL Flashlight multipurpose torch da Xiaomi YouPin it could be ideal: it is a gadget that aims at safety, with 6 accessories in one product and a super price on offer with a discount code (and the inevitable EU shipping)!

NEXTOOL Flashlight 6 in 1 from Xiaomi Youpin: the multipurpose flashlight is back on offer with discount code

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Initially presented only in China, NEXTOOL Flashlight multipurpose torch was launched on the usual platform Xiaomi YouPin but it also came into the hands of us Westerners (fortunately). Looking at yours technical, we have one brightness of well- 1000 lumens, adjustable in three modes, but not only. This is because the flashlight allows you to use a part of yourself like blinking a 200 lumens, but also to create a acoustic signal dai 90 ai 110 dB, as well as emanate Red light, ideal for the night.

xiaomi youpin nextool flashlight

It is also resistant to rain and splashing with water IPX4 certification, while his battery it's a unit from 2.600 mAh, which guarantees many hours of use. Very comfortable then the magnet placed on top, so you can stick it wherever you need it. The radius of brightness, since at maximum mode it goes up to 240 meters. To give a brief overview it is a 6 in 1 gadget that can be used as an LED flashlight, as a safety, camping and work light (thanks to the side LED), as a flashing SOS alarm, as an audible alarm and as a bank.

xiaomi youpin nextool flashlight

La NEXTOOL multipurpose flashlight from Xiaomi YouPin is on offer with code discount at Banggood, obviously with fast shipping directly Europe. Below you will find the link to purchase directly from the Chinese store, together with the coupon to use: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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