BlitzWolf BW-KB0 review: Bluetooth keyboard, mechanical and colorful, what more could you ask for?

blitzwolf bw-kb0 review bluetooth mechanical keyboard

The convenience of a mechanical keyboard is to return a more precise and certainly more “felt” stroke in terms of touch and feel. But what if we could have one compact mechanical keyboard, wireless thanks to Bluetooth and above all full of LED lights, as in the case of the Blitzwolf BW-KB0 in review, then everything becomes more captivating: but what else will he have convinced us in?

BlitzWolf BW-KB0 Review | Mechanical Bluetooth keyboard

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Package Contents

Very simple packaging that of the keyboard Blitzwolf BW-KB0 in review: in fact, in addition to the product, we have the manuals (rather limited but well exemplary), a USB Type-C cable to recharge it when needed and a pliers to extract the keys and replace them. In short, there is everything you need.

Design and materials

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Il design is minimalist, without a shadow of a doubt, but this detail makes a difference because, in addition to the compactness, gives us a very pleasant design, especially when illuminated by LEDs. The material used is predominantly polycarbonate but of excellent quality and opaque white in color, so as to avoid fingerprints.

Functionality and user experience

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The mechanical keyboard Bluetooth (with standard 5.0) Blitzwolf BW-KB0 it is, despite not having the Italian layout, very simple to use. His 61 keys allow you to have all the most common and necessary characters available and, given its compactness, to avoid other functions just play with the FN key, essential.

But how does it go in writing this keyboard? There running is very consistent and allows us to write very quickly, while the touch-and-feel of the keys it is certainly very pleasant, since it allows us to write in a concrete way without lag. Here she is connectivity it does not present problems of delay and therefore you will not have to fear when you work or study.

I LED, settable and customizable at will among the various options, we also found them pleasant, although in a subjective way we prefer the solution to be switched off and switched on individually when we click on a button.

BlitzWolf BW-KB0 Review - Price and conclusions

Let's close the review of the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard Blitzwolf BW-KB0 with a consideration that starts from the price. In a range of approx 40-45 € on the Banggood store is a truly exquisite solution for both home and office and for what it can give on the go. Of course, for those looking for the comfort of the Italian layout it is not perfect, but you don't suffer too much from the absence and you can manage a bit of everything. Therefore, we can say that we absolutely recommend it. NB If you do not see the box correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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