Apple Watch Pro will be rugged and cost a fortune

rugged apple watch

This year we could see the debut of the first Rugged Apple Watch Pro. According to what leaked on the net in the last few hours, in fact, the Cupertino giant would be working on at least three new smartwatches of the 8 series, including a second generation Apple Watch SE and a smartwatch watch that will compete directly with other wearables of this type. Amazfit T-Rex 2, just to name one of the latest entries in the market, will it have a new rival?

Apple may soon launch its first rugged smartwatch, but at what price?

That's right. If the rumors are true, it seems that the Cupertino giant is ready to launch a rugged Apple Watch Pro, which by its nature would be much more robust and resistant than other Apple wearables. According to the source, this Apple smartwatch would be focused particularly on sport and would present a much more robust body, made to withstand even the most difficult environments and support the user in extreme activities. Therefore, it is said that this particular version of the Apple Watch may have a high quality metal case and a screen more resistant with a diagonal of almost 2".

Apple Watch rugged features technical specifications leak

It is still unclear whether the Apple Watch Pro will retain its basic structure, that is a square-shaped case, or if it will adopt a design closer to that of other sports watches, such as the aforementioned Amazfit T-Rex 2. And then, to what do you need a smartwatch of this type if it fails to take us home while still retaining a good percentage of its autonomy? A well poco. Precisely for this reason, Apple's first rugged watch should also be equipped with a battery capable of ensuring one longer duration. Furthermore, the rumors also speak of S8 chips, better tracking for swimming and hiking and a new one body temperature sensor. As Bloomberg's Mark Gurman puts it, "will be designed to appeal to extreme sports athletes and anyone could buy a high-end Garmin sports watch for intense training".

Apple Watch rugged features technical specifications leak

And what about the price, instead? Well, the use of more resistant materials, the presence of a larger screen and more advanced technologies could lead to a price far superior to that of the other models. Apple Watch Pro is rumored to be priced at around 900/999 $; currently, the base model starts at € 399 while the more expensive one, with a titanium shell, costs $ 849.

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