AliExpress Summer Sale: Summer sales continue with new offers and Coupons

AliExpress Summer Sale

The summer sales are also coming up AliExpress with the event Summer Sale 2022: an initiative full of Coupons to be used in Italy is expected, with an avalanche of offers not only tech but also for products of other categories. Let's take a look at all the details of the promotion: today the warm-up period starts, which will then culminate with the actual event!

Upgrade 01 / 07: AliExpress discounts for the Summer Sale continue with new generic Coupons, available in the appropriate section.

AliExpress Summer Sale 2022: everything you need to know about the store's summer sales

aliexpress summer sale offers summer sales coupon italy

The warm-up to the AliExpress summer sales starts on June 22, while the start of the event is set for 27 June. During this first phase it is possible to access many discounts and initiatives, through the various pages of the event AliExpress Summer Sale: find flash offers, coupons for Italy, products with fast shipping in 3/7 days and much more!

The 4 rules for doing gold business on AliExpress

First of all it is good to point out some rules for doing business on AliExpress: we talk about them in relation to the Summer Sale promo, but they are valid for any initiative of the Chinese store.

  1. Always browse through the discounted categories - you never know which product you will find on promotion!
  2. Add products to cart - if you are interested in one or more products, add them to your cart right away
  3. Wait for the event to start - the promotion will start on June 27th at 9:00 am, so get ready
  4. Proceed to purchase - the products that interest you will certainly be at a reduced price, complete with coupons applied!

Obviously the main advice is to monitor the event pages and our Telegram channel dedicated to AliExpress: if there are generic coupons or for the product you are interested in, you will surely find it!

All the pages dedicated to the AliExpress Summer Sale 2022 event

AliExpress Summer Sale

In this section we are going to discover all the pages dedicated to the event of AliExpress: first of all we point out the page main of the promo Summer Sale, with an overview of the best activities, categories and offers. Below you will find the link: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


The main page of the event dedicated to the summer sales of AliExpress!

More Less
Lots of discounts!

Obviously there are also other pages, each dedicated to a particular initiative. Also here you are a practical summary of all activities!

Generic Coupons

AliExpress ups the ante on discounts and launches i Generic coupons by spending threshold. As you know, you can save by entering specific codes based on the order you place. Below is the list of Coupons to use.

  • 6SUMMER 4 - $ 4 for orders over $ 40
  • 6SUMMER 6 - $ 6 for orders over $ 70
  • 6SUMMER 10 - $ 10 for orders over $ 120
  • 6SUMMER 15 - 15% for orders over $ 180

In addition, other generic discount codes have been added, all to be used in the pages dedicated to summer promotions. Also in this case, these are coupons valid for certain amounts.

  • 6SUMMER 5 - $ 5 for orders over $ 50
  • 6SUMMER 8 - $ 8 for orders over $ 80
  • 6SUMMER 16 - $ 16 for orders over $ 160
  • 6SUMMER 25 - $ 25 for orders over $ 250
  • 2020AE23 - $ 6 for orders over $ 70

Coupon Center

The Coupon Center certainly needs no introduction: the name says it all! It is a collection point where there are numerous AliExpress Seller Coupons, all active in Italy.


Recommended products

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 discount code

Here you find the recommended products from AliExpress, with tons of best brand: there is only room for the best! Xiaomi, Realme, CUBOT, Amazfit, MiFA, UGREEN, Baseus, Ulefone and many other brands. There are discounts on smartphones, tech accessories, wearables, chargers, SSDs, TV Boxes and so on and so forth!

In addition, AliExpress brings dedicated Coupons for this type of products, so you can save up to $24 based on the spending threshold that is made. Here are the dedicated Coupons.

  • 6SELECT3 - $ 3 discount on a $ 30 purchase
  • 6SELECT6 - $ 6 discount for orders over $ 50
  • 6SELECT9 - $ 9 discount for an $ 80 purchase
  • 6SELECT14 - $ 14 discount when you spend at least $ 140
  • 6SELECT24 - $ 24 discount if you spend at least $ 200


Fast shipping from Europe

AliExpress Summer Sale

This section is dedicated to fast shipping products Europe, with unmissable offers up to 90% discount. Also in this case we find the most popular brands, together with a roundup of useful products.


Discount Spend and Save

AliExpress Summer Sale

The promo Spend & Save is one of the favorite initiatives of AliExpress and allows you to get a discount based on the expenditure made. With 25 € you will receive a discount of 2 € maximum of 6 €, against a cost of 75 €. Obviously, the promotion also applies to products already on offer, for maximum savings!


Play Money Hop from the app

AliExpress Summer Sale

Through the AliExpress app you can play Money Hop to get additional discounts: this is a nice game for smartphones, available for both the Android version of the application and the iOS one.


AliExpress summer sales: here are some of the discounted categories

Whenever we are grappling with a Chinese store event, the discounts do not concern only the tech but also many others product categories. Below you will find a list of the most interesting ones, combining both technology and leisure, sports, clothing and more!

Now that we have a complete picture of all the categories and the various initiatives dedicated to the AliExpress Summer Sale, you can juggle the intricacies of the event with ease. However, in order not to miss any opportunity and stay up to date on the latest news from the store, we recommend that you join to our Telegram channel dedicated to AliExpress!

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