Crisis in China: so few smartphones have never been sold in 10 years

China smartphone crisis 2022

You know when we told you that the smartphone crisis is negatively affecting the market in this 2022? If until now we had focused on analyzing thetrend in Europe, now also there China it is suffering. And you know, when one of the largest and most important markets in the world is in crisis, it means that something is wrong at the systemic level. Especially considering that the level reached in China in the last months of 2022 had not been touched for many years.

The smartphone crisis in China continues: sales are getting worse than ever in 10 years

China smartphone crisis 2022

To tell us about it is Counterpoint Research, a well-known team of analysts who in this round talk to us about how much they are smartphone sales fell in China during the Q2 2022. Comparing this period with the same in 2021 we can see a decrease of -14,2%, but not only: there is also a decrease of -12,6% compared to the second quarter of 2020, the year to say the least. poco unfortunate for the global economy. One level never so low since 2012, when iPhone 5 was debuting on the market and when smartphone sales in China had not yet taken off.

It goes without saying that the reasons are the same as we have already discussed above: lockdown and Zero Covid policy in China, semiconductor crisis e conflict between Russia and Ukraine, due to inflation that is galloping around the world, including China. As analyst Ivan Lam points out, "the Chinese economy grew by 0,4% in the second quarter of 2022, below expectations of 0,8% -1%".

China smartphone crisis 2022

But how is it going to the various smartphone makers in China? If you look at Q2 2022, the podium is led by the trio vivo, Honor e OPPO, respectively 19,8%, 18,3% and 17,9% of the national market. In the ranking we then find Apple (15,5%), Xiaomi (14,9%), Huawei (6,9%) and Realme (2,4%). And it is interesting to note that the only growing companies are Honor, which has been since "reborn" quickly climbed to China, and Apple, who stands investing a lot to continue to consolidate in the nation and that in general is accusing the tech crisis less than others.

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