Xiaomi Band 7 Pro really exists and already has a presentation date

xiaomi band 7 pro

The July event of the Chinese company will be full of news and surprises and in fact here is one of the most anticipated products, the protagonist of many indiscretions but so far always shrouded in an aura of mystery. And instead Xiaomi Band 7 Pro it really exists and will be official soon: Lei Jun's house has confirmed the presentation date and obviously the release is just around the corner!

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro: official presentation date

xiaomi band 7 pro

The new enhanced version of the celebrated smart band will be launched together with the brand's new devices. The submission date of Xiaomi Band 7 Pro is set for the July 4 2022: during the event, as expected, there will also be Series 12S and the new ones premium notebook. The release of the fitness tracker is therefore set, but what will be the news? Xiaomi has answered some questions, while for others we will necessarily have to be patient.

What changes with Xiaomi Band 7 Pro

xiaomi band 7 pro

As for the features, Xiaomi has only confirmed that the new Band 7 Pro will have a "more professional" user experience, both in terms of fitness and health. Based on leaks we should find an increased battery, an even larger display than the base model and the much talked about GPS support.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company has unveiled the design and we are sure it will make Mi Fans talk a lot. For the first time a Xiaomi Band changes register: no "capsule" body but a large rectangular panel, narrow and long, which will allow a greater display of the contents. An advantage certainly, but one that rejects the iconic design of the range. More than a fitness tracker it seems to be dealing with one SmartWatch: an increasingly popular trend among the various Chinese producers. Furthermore, this type of appearance is certainly not new for Xiaomi either: just think of Redmi SmartBand Pro, also launched by us.

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