Xiaomi Band 7, continuity pays: 1 million units sold

xiaomi band 7 global sales 1 million units

Xiaomi Band 7, like all the other smart bands of the brand, has arrived on the market to re-establish certain hierarchies that we usually see in terms of sales. And, apparently, the desired result has already arrived earlier than expected, with ben 1 million units already shipped all over the world.

Xiaomi Band 7: 1 million units even before the Global launch, will it be a sales success?

To report the data is Xiaomi itself that, therefore, has decreed how much the demand for its new smart bracelet is actually high and the fact that there are already 1 million units shipped says a lot about the fact that even with the Band 7 saw it right. The key point of this success could however be the always and usual reliability, both in terms of software that of design. True, much more substantial changes were expected, with an important style momentum, but Xiaomi rather preferred to simply make the smartband display larger without changing the form factor.

xiaomi band 7 global sales 1 million units 2

The most interesting fact is the fact that there are these numbers despite the fact that in the Global market there is not yet a release date for Xiaomi Band 7. This means that, once on the market, sales could be much higher than ever done to date by the whole series. In short, a total success. If you want to know more, we leave you there review of the Band 7, while if you want to buy it before arriving in our market, we leave you there Buying Guide.

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