Xiaomi Band 7 Global is about to arrive: certified with lots of images

xiaomi band 7 global certification pictures

Presented recently with a slight upgrade from the previous model, Xiaomi Band 7 it also seems ready for its landing Overseas hubs. This is because it has been certified, complete with images, by an extra-China body, which therefore brings the smartband closer to its debut in our latitudes.

Xiaomi Band 7 Global certified: is the wording Mi back in the name? All the details

xiaomi band 7 global certification images 2

So what does the certification obtained from Xiaomi Band 7? The NCC has registered the product with lots of images, showing us what is a full-fledged Mi Band and the larger display than before. Along with the device, the charging cable is also certified, which maintains a magnetic proprietary attachment, one of the last probably considered the new EU directives on the Type-C.

xiaomi band 7 global certification images 3

What seems most curious, however, is the name. We have known for some time that Xiaomi has removed the wording Mi from the name of its products, but according to this certification the product should be called Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and here the mystery deepens. Could it be called that by us for a sense of recognizability?

In any case, the certification does not give us news of the NFC model, already presented in China, but it is not excluded that the two versions may arrive at different times. So we just have to see the evolution of the situation during these summer weeks, where the smartband par excellence could finally see the light also in the West. In case you don't want to wait, we will leave you ours too Buying Guide dedicated.

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