Xiaomi 12 Lite will be done: it could be the smartphone of the summer

xiaomi 12 lite

Sometimes we are inundated with leaks while in other cases it seems that the news comes "narrow". Little by little we managed to get some details on the next one Xiaomi 12Lite and after a period off the radar here we are back to talk about the next mid-range of Lei Jun's house, this time with good news for Global users.

We return to talk about Xiaomi 12 Lite, this time with the release period

xiaomi 12 lite

The last sighting of the smartphone dates back to the end of April, complete with alleged pictures from vivo and lots of details on the specifications. After a long period of silence, a well-known Indian insider enters the scene: Xiaomi 12Lite will arrive this summer, precisely during the month of July. The launch would be expected in a very short lap and it seems that we will not have to go through the usual Chinese debut first.

According to what was reported by the Asian media, in fact, it seems that Xiaomi 12 Lite will not have a dedicated version at home. The debut would be expected only for the Global market: surely the July launch will be reserved to India, the first international market when crossing Chinese borders. It remains to be seen if and when it will also arrive from us: as usual we await further news and in the meantime, if you want to know more about the next Xiaomi medium range, you can take a look at ours deepening with all the leaks released so far.

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