Xiaomi 12S Ultra Leica Imaging: everything we know so far

xiaomi 12 ultra technical specifications price release 22/06

If the beginning of 2022 marked for Xiaomi the advent of the top range of the 12 series, Including the 12X, the second part of the year is dedicated to big shots, including Xiaomi 12S Ultra (initially known as 12 Ultra). The super flagship par excellence is gradually configuring itself more and more between high-level technical specifications, a partnership that is not bad at the camera level and many other rumors.

Upgrade 28 / 06: Xiaomi 12S has a presentation date. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Leica Imaging: what we know about the next super top range

Design and display

The name of the device has changed compared to the first leaks: from 12 Ultra we went to Xiaomi 12S Ultra Leica Imaging, as revealed in recent days and officially confirmed by the same company. So how should the new top of the range look like in terms of design? To date there is no official form factor but, over the months, the common denominator is a smartphone in ceramic with a plate that acts as a camera bumper placed at the top to cover the whole area, which houses a porthole which contains the style sensors Honor Magic 4 Pro.

xiaomi 12 ultra design 22/06

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Leica, may also have the privilege of having the logo of the German house (more information in the Camera section). This information, however, could be disproved by what appears to be the first, true live image of the 12 Ultra, where the design is all in all confirmed, but which lacks the aforementioned logo. What will the reality be? Furthermore, all this could have been confirmed from the Xiaomi YouPin store via a cover. Finally, it is not excluded that the body of the smartphone can be certified IP68.

xiaomi 12 ultra design display 14/06

And for the screen? We talk about a display AMOLED E5 with technology LTPO 2.0: it will be a panel from 6.73" with resolution 2K, dynamic refresh rate a 120 Hz and color depth a 10 bit. There would also be a fingerprint reader ad ultrasound, located below the screen, although there is no feedback.

xiaomi 12s pro ultra leica imaging date presentation release

Meanwhile, an official poster anticipates part of the look: we only have a glimpse of the device (the last one at the bottom) and the complete design still remains a mystery.

Features and technical specifications

xiaomi snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 confirm details

The internal hardware, to date, is certainly the most nebulous part about this smartphone. Perhaps, however, the only "certainty" should be there presence the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, Qualcomm's latest champion in terms of SoC, which with its peculiarities aims to lower consumption and bring out performance.

As for the memory cuts, according to the TENAA (or MIIT) certification, we will therefore have RAM from 8 / 12 GB and, above all, storage 256 / 512 GB, which therefore will satisfy every user need and in addition, could balance the price of the smartphone itself. On the battery side there could be a surprise on the "downside". In fact, although a refill was expected at 120W, Xiaomi 12S Ultra a "solo" refill is certified 67W, but with one wireless charging from 50W. The battery capacity would then be from 4.800 mAh, but it is not excluded that you go up to 5.000 mAh. It then continues with a Dual Speaker configuration and the presence of Android 12, in the form of MIUI 13, but no surprise here.


xiaomi 12 ultra camera 14/06

The most interesting sector or at least the one with the most attention paid by Xiaomi, is undoubtedly that of the camera. The 12S Ultra, after many rumors, it is officially the first smartphone of the company optimized through the partnership with Leica. This collaboration should be much deeper compared to what seen with Huawei, given that the German company should intervene in a clear way in the creation of the sector.

Moving on to mere sensor technology, we should have a respectable quartet. It starts from the main sensor, from 50 MP, which should match the Samsung GN5 seen at work on iQOO 9 Pro. Following, there would be two sensors from 48 MP, one ultra-wide angle and another would be a periscope with Optical Zoom 5x. The fourth would then be ToF and, finally, we should also find a Laser Autofocus. For the selfie camera we should find a sensor from 20 MP.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Enhanced: does it really exist?

One of the first rumors regarding Xiaomi 12 Ultra focused on a possible version of it Enhanced. According to rumors, it would be an "improved" variant with one camera under the display, similar to the MIX 4. For this reason it is assumed that it could be the future MIX 5 and therefore not part of the range 12. Obviously for now these are all hypotheses and the various characteristics are still in progress and it is not excluded the fact that this model does not exist at all.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra - Possible price and release

While for the 12 range models we had the debut during the month of December (in China) and in Europe a few months ago, as regards Xiaomi 12S Ultra the presentation date is set for July 4 2022 (together with the compact model 12S and brother 12S Pro).

Furthermore, in line with what has been seen with 11 Ultra, the possible starting price could be around €1.290 ($ 1.350), therefore in the very high end of the Global market. Obviously, everything is certainly to be confirmed.

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