Trifo Ollie review: the robot vacuum cleaner for dog and cat hair

trifo ollie

Most likely it is true that man's best friend is the dog, but in the end is this really the case on all occasions? Let's say that an animal in the house, be it a dog or a cat, generates a certain degree of dirt. Regardless of how clean the house is, in fact, hair gets everywhere and can cause allergies and other respiratory ailments. It becomes very important, therefore, to safeguard one's health in this case, equipping oneself with devices designed ad hoc for this problem.

To date, the market offers numerous solutions in the cleaning field, especially in the household sector. Beyond the classic electric brooms, in fact, which try to capture as much dirty possible, robot vacuum cleaners have arrived on the scene. I believe that in terms of comfort there is no more comfortable product than this, first of all for all those people who are often away from home for work and secondly for those who do not like to clean the house often.

Who has animals, therefore, must pay more attention to cleanliness, so here it is Trifo Ollie fits perfectly into this scenario. This robot, in fact, aims to safeguard both the health of the animals and that of the owners, making the environment much cleaner and sanitized. Greater control and more stability are the two mantras that best define this device, which, even if it does not stand out on the design side, still manages to lay the foundations for a proper coexistence between dogs, cats and humans.

Trifo Ollie review: discover the robot vacuum cleaner who loves animals


At first glance, the sales package looks pretty good. The photo of the device and a few other features are shown on the front, as well as other technical specifications on the back. Let's say that looking at the box there are very few surprises: even before opening it we have a clear idea of ​​what we will be facing. In any case, inside the sales package, we have the following accessories:

  • Trifo Ollie;
  • charging base, with magnetic pins;
  • power cord, with European socket;
  • roller brush suitable for all surfaces;
  • roller brush protection;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at the robot vacuum cleaner we immediately notice a detail: in this case the company has decided to use mainly polycarbonate, probably to safeguard the quality-price ratio as well. I must admit, therefore, that this choice has certainly paid off positively, offering a light device that is easy to handle during maintenance. From the point of view of design, however, we always fall into the same question: the upper part shows a kind of triangle with rounded corners, of a lighter color (gold), which certainly gives personality but that may not appeal to everyone. Let's say that since it is a robot vacuum cleaner, however, these are aspects that perhaps take a little second place. I confirm, however, that the weight is about 5,5 kg, with dimensions of  360 x 360 x 840 mm. It is certainly not a featherweight, but it turns out to be in the average of its other competitors terminals.

trifo ollie

Here we have a rather standard model, equipped with a charging station very similar to those found on the market, rather small and petite. The latter, then, can be positioned in almost any point of the house, keeping in mind a few dimensional parameters: it is necessary to leave a minimum of space around it, to allow the robot to move in extreme freedom. I remind you, then, that this must be powered using the special cable present in the package which, in this case, is hidden directly under the base. Let's see, then, how on the front they find space a Status LED and the name of the company, then hiding all the rest of its components inside the body. Furthermore, at the base reside the two magnetic pins that allow the robot to recharge.

Thanks to technology SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) Trifo Ollie does not need any other type of orientation system. Everything has been integrated into the front profile, right in correspondence with the camera ToF which records HD movies 1080p, allowing us to see live where the robot is moving. There is also a series of sensors that assist movement in the house, both those used for linear navigation and the anti-fall ones, located at the bottom. Let's see, therefore, how there is space on the back central rotating brush, as well as the omnidirectional wheel, two rubber wheels side, the single brush on the left and the magnetic pins for charging on the back. Looking at the top, however, we have two main keys: the key Home and the button Start / Stop, which allows us to start or stop any cleaning program. By opening the flap, then, we access the compartment that integrates the easily removable dirt collector. But not only that, because here we see how the brand has also introduced a LED for the Wi-Fi, which helps us to pair with the smartphone, and the key Reset.

I believe at the level of assembly the company has performed quite well, managing to develop a functional robot with the right robustness. You will hardly find parts marked at the end of several cleaning sessions, a sign that navigation is also quite precise.

Application & Functionality

Trifo Home is the application, available for iOS and Android, which allows us to configure the robot vacuum cleaner. Let's say that in recent years we have had the opportunity to try different ones and we would hardly have expected such stability on this version. I must admit, however, that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance offered by this app, which is equipped with numerous settings and a level of personalization of cleaning almost at the highest levels. I say “almost” because in any case there are some aspects on which they could have improved, starting with some translations that are not exactly exceptional. It must also be said, however, that the Italian language is present in the system and this is absolutely positive, as it can also be integrated as a narrator in the robot itself.

trifo ollie

Trifo has seen fit, however, to take inspiration from other much more famous brands such as, for example, Roborock. From the initial screen, therefore, this aspect comes out: in addition to showing the map of our house, registered after the first start, we note the presence at the bottom of several other items such as the surface to be cleaned, the time spent in the last cleaning and the remaining battery. Further down, then, resides the key Clean, Reload, Start Video e More functionality. By clicking on this last option we can access another series of variables such as the Designated room cleaning, the designated area, the Management map, the Manual control and Vacuum settings (which adjusts the suction power on different levels). We can, therefore, also decide to prevent the robot from entering certain areas of the house, delimiting the space within which it must clean, just like with other competing apps. This system is accompanied by the possibility of seeing live where the terminal is headed, being able to actually look at everything that happens through the front camera. Don't worry, though, because you can also select an option that allows you to detect movement in front of you, thus avoiding bumping into any children or animals that appear along its path. It is a system that actually works properly, even if it is never lightning-fast in finishing its run in front of the obstacle and changing direction.

You will see the map of the house divided automatically into rooms, right after the very first scan. In any case, this does not prevent you from dividing the house as you wish by modifying these settings and setting, if necessary, different personalized cleaning programs from room to room. The device, therefore, has always kept these changes in memory, always avoiding entering the off limits areas and never hitting the furniture too close to him. Furthermore, by clicking on the three dots at the top right, it is possible to enter an even more structured section, where you can set the voice commands and their volume, activate the Do Not Disturb Mode, increase the suction power on carpets, take advantage of cleaning under furniture, take a look at the cleaning history, see the wear rates of the various components and much more. Therefore, despite its simplicity, Trifo has proved to be in step with the times, presenting itself on the market with a noteworthy and absolutely avant-garde application. It is not the most captivating on a graphic level but it still manages to be appreciated.

Suction Power & Operation

As mentioned previously, a LiDAR system for navigation does not find room here. Trifo Ollie relies on another type of system, almost totally different, which in any case has proved to be effective. I must admit, however, that in some phases the sensors have slightly confused the robot itself, making it more difficult to get out of uncomfortable situations. In any case, there was never any need for my intervention in this sense, managing in the end to always free himself from any impediments. It seemed to me only slightly less precise in the movements and in the detection of obstacles, against which he has sometimes slammed a little too vehemently. After a first scan of the house, however, things improve and some pieces of furniture are no longer touched, continuing to clean always following the zig-zag pattern. By increasing or decreasing the suction power, it is suitable for almost any type of floor.

trifo ollie

With the quietest mode the noise produced by the device is minimal, resulting really poco bothersome. Already after the second level, however, the noise is heard more, but also managing to guarantee greater effectiveness in cleaning the house. For my part, therefore, I have always used Ollie at medium power, the right compromise between sound and quality in hygiene. In fact, consider that the suction power at minimum power is 3000 Pa, but this increases until it reaches 4000 Pa with the following modalities. Therefore, we are able to capture both the largest dust balls and the thinnest hairs of our animals, guaranteeing a more than discreet result. Attention only to one aspect: the side brush and the middle one suffer slightly from longer hairs, while using the protection for the brush. Therefore, the maintenance of the vehicle becomes essential.

Inside the upper structure there is the dirt compartment, which has a capacity of approx 600ml and contains the classic filter HEPA. Obviously it is easy to empty and can last several days, even if it all depends on the type of dirt it has to deal with every day. On a total area of ​​about 100 square meters, he managed, therefore, to clean everything with a single charge, covering as much space as possible compatible with the various obstacles present along his path. This means that the rooms can be completed relatively quickly, taking away almost everything on the surface. I have encountered a few more difficulties with larger objects, such as breakfast cereals for example, which are minimally scattered around the room when they come into contact with the side brush. Despite this, and despite being a product with a good quality-price ratio, its performance is more than good.


Much of the credit for this Ollie's good autonomy is due to battery da 5.200 mAh. With it, therefore, it is possible to theoretically cover even more than 1000 square meters with a single charge, even if this data does not find much confirmation in reality. Also because at home the robot is subject to other types of situations which, obviously, partially limit its movements. Obstacles, people and animals are all variables to be taken into consideration that do not allow the product to act freely as if there was nothing and nobody in front of it. So, in that respect, it is neither better nor worse than other similar devices. It comfortably satisfies more than half of the users who already use a cleaning system of this type.

Price & Conclusions

Trifo Ollie is currently sold on Amazon at 349,99 euros but, through the box you find below, you could buy it at a discount at 279,00 euros.

Taking a look at the competition there are models that also offer something more, such as the Dreame Bot D10 Plus, at roughly the same price. Hard to say which of the two is much better but it is also true that Ollie's value for money is only good. The company, therefore, could certainly have done something more from the point of view of navigation and precision of movements, all problems that in reality can also be solved in the future with some updates.

At the moment, therefore, I would like to recommend the product but with reservations, as it is not by far the best in its same price range. Let's say that anyone who buys it, however, certainly wouldn't make a bad deal: Trifo Ollie is sturdy, reliable and quite accurate, eliminating almost all the dirt it encounters in its path. This, after all, is what is worth more than anything else.

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