Red Magic launches Transformers cooling fan

red magic fan cooling transformers price

Some time ago, Red Magic he had delighted us with his 7 series dedicated to Transformers of which, over time, some themed accessories have arrived, such as the cooling fan magnetic. This model promises an important dissipation without giving up the style of robots par excellence, to a price honest enough.

Red Magic Transformers Ice Magnetic Radiator - all about the new cooling fan

red magic cooling fan transformers price 2

If we look at the style with which this accessory is presented, we have a form factor similar to what we have already seen with Black Shark, that is circular in shape and with the polycarbonate grate and contain the fan. The gem in the design lies in the themed details Transformers, in this case of the autobots, which is amplified thanks to LEDs present, which recall the colors of Optimus Prime.

Turning to the technical data, this fan with 7 propellers of Red Magic allows you to cool your smartphone until you bring it to 24 ° C, this thanks to the power from 15W, with the possibility of covering a dissipation area up to 1.485 mm2, with guaranteed really interesting results. Compatibility is another strong point, as we can use it on iPhone thanks to MagSafe and on Android with magnetic sticker.

The new magnetic cooling fan Red Magic Transformers Ice Magnetic Radiator arrives in China at a price of approx €28 (199 yuan), which for the type of product is certainly honest. We don't know if the brand will bring it to the West, but never say never.

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