Pamu Slide 2 review: what a GREAT step forward!

pamu slide 2 headphones

In the last few weeks I've had the chance to try quite a few true wireless headphones, starting with cheaper models like some models presented by the company. Hakii up to the top of the range, so to speak, presented for example by Honor.

I've been testing the newcomers for a couple of weeks as main headphones Pamu, the second generation of Slides that, like the first, bring a concept of headphones renewed in design, or at least arrive on the market with a case totally different from almost all other players in circulation. But this is not their only strength, I'll explain why.

Pamu Slide 2 review

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Content of the package

Inside the sales package of the Pamu Slide 2 we find:

  • Pamu Slide 2 headphones
  • USB-A / USB-C cable
  • Quick manuals
  • 4 pairs of rubber pads of different sizes plus 1 pair already applied

Design and Materials

As I told you at the beginning, what made the first generation of these headphones iconic was the innovation of a case with a sliding opening and not with the classic hinge system that we have always been used to seeing; always analyzing the case, these new ones Pamu Slide 2 they improve the opening mechanism compared to the first generation and become more fluid, so as not to feel "ailments" over time.

The case is always made of polycarbonate, has a size of approx 70 44.5 x x 32mm and an overall weight, including earphones, of only 66 grams therefore perfectly wearable on this front, a little less given the fairly pronounced thickness.

pamu slide 2 headphones

However Padmate, the manufacturer of the Pamu Slide 2, you can forgive all with a science fiction LED on the side of the device that lights up in an increasing white color when the headphones are being charged; Speaking of charging, this model also supports wireless charging as well as USB-C cable charging, a nice touch of class especially compared to the competition in the same price range that stands still on this aspect.

For the rest it must be said that we are faced with an impeccable assembly and you will never by chance seem to find yourself in front of yet another pair of Chinese headphones, poor in quality and sound. That's not the case.

pamu slide 2 headphones

Another aspect on which the company has worked a lot compared to the first generation is precisely in the earphones: the Pamu Slide 2, in fact, they have dimensions clearly more contained I respect the first generation and this makes them comfortable to wear and never annoying in any context, especially in sports.

Regarding sport, the fit of these headphones is good, although I recognize it may be a decidedly subjective judgment: the fact is that in my case, having identified the rubber pads of the right size, not even wanting to have slipped from my ears. In addition, for athletes with excessive sweating like mine, don't worry, there is IPX4 certification which should guarantee greater resistance to sweat splashes.

pamu slide 2 headphones

For the rest, looking more closely at these Slide 2 by Pamu, we can see the presence of three microphones, and a small internal sensor capable of automatically detecting whether we have worn the headphones to the ear or not. There are also two magnetic pins for charging via the case.

Audio Quality

Let's go down, however, a little more in the technical of these headphones and talk about data a little more for nerds; the TWS chip of these Pamu Slide 2 is produced by Realtek, is the 8773CFE, is compatible with the Bluetooth 5.2 and supports i SBC and AAC codecs as well as a transmission up to 10 meters without problems (as long as there are no thick walls or interference in between, in that case the range is halved).

The drivers supplied with these Pamu are 10mm, dimensions slightly below the average that more and more models have 11 and 12mm drivers, but frankly I could not notice any differences on this front, even with much more expensive models.

pamu slide 2 headphones

The qaudio quality is good, definitely above my expectations even if I want to make a clarification: I tried these headphones on three devices, a mid-range Android smartphone, an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Macbook Pro, and on all three I found a different sound quality, especially on the Android smartphone.

These are headphones that, basically, are born for those who own Android smartphones (because, honestly, almost all, and correct me if I'm wrong, of iPhone users use Airpods) and, to tell the truth, this is not the context in which you will be able to bring out all the goodness of these headphones that have a very high volume, and a practically perfect equalization of all frequencies, from round bass to crystal clear highs.

The best context in which to use these headphones it is undoubtedly the computer equipped with Bluetooth, otherwise from the smartphone you know that, probably, you are bringing out 50% of the potential of these headphones. Guaranteed.

For the rest, everything can be controlled through a proprietary application, available on Android and iOS, in which you monitor the state of charge, the active and available noise cancellation modes, the equalizer with predefined presets and much more.

Regarding the noise cancellation there are two modes, the first is the classic one and the second is the one related to the wind reduction. Noise cancellation does not worsen the quality of the audio or reduce its volume, as often happens, but I probably would not define it as perfect and flawless as I would have expected from these headphones that I liked almost in all respects. The degree of cancellation reaches -45dB, values ​​on paper that are interesting but in practice poco convincing.

Another gem integrated by Padmate is the game mode to be able to reduce latency down to just 40ms; here too I think it is more about marketing than anything else, but in practice I have been able to see that the default latency is still good and there is practically nothing to complain about since the delay is imperceptible, if not almost totally absent.


The battery integrated in the case of the Pamu Slide 2 is equal to 450 mAh, this means 3 full recharges of the headphones, each equipped with a 45 mAh battery. Speaking of numbers, I can tell you that the real autonomy of these Pamu Slide 2 is approximately 4 and a half hours with ANC active, e poco more than 5 hours with ANC disabled.

pamu slide 2 headphones

The charging times of the headphones through the case are about an hour and a half, the same time it takes for the case to recharge via USB-C; wireless charging is about half an hour slower and takes up to two hours.

Considerations and Price

Ok, I still don't keep you on your toes: Padmate has launched the pre-order on his website and, at the time of writing, I was able to know the price in confidence, of about 70-80 euros at the exchange rate, since the company has not yet made it official.

Are headphones worth the price they cost? Honestly yes, but perhaps I would not recommend them to anyone who owns an inexpensive / mid-range Android smartphone, but more to an iPhone owner (who doesn't care about Airpods, for prices, quality or X other reasons) or to those who will use them with the computer, because there are really great headphones. It is different, however, with cheap smartphones where the yield is not great, but it is not the fault of the headphones alas as much as of the communication protocols between the devices.


Visit the Padmate official website for more information on how to buy the new Pamu Slide 2 

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