OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G review: it has ALL the credentials, BUT ...

oppo reno 8 lite 5g mid-range android smartphone

We have now established that this 2022, together with the two years that have just passed, are years to be forgotten: the after-effects that we carry as a legacy after more than two years of pandemic and after a war still in progress can be seen practically everywhere and, without pulling in I dance topical news that does not compete with me, I want to limit myself to talking about the technology of this 2022.

OPPO has from poco presented his Reno 8 Lite 5G on the European market, a product that completes an interesting range of smartphones for the Chinese company which in recent years has strongly wanted to consolidate its presence in our territory and has done so between Top and half flops. I'll tell you my about this new OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G.

OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G review

Design and Materials

One of the main strengths that unites almost all the products of the OPPO company is undoubtedly the very accurate design. This OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G this is confirmed by its very limited thickness, equal to only 7.5 mm, and the weight of only 173grams which makes it very practical to handle as well as very attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

For the rest we are faced with a well-assembled smartphone, built with a side frame in aluminum painted in the same color as the back cover which, in turn, has a matte finish that is pleasant to the touch but which tends to stain a little with the fingers during use. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with IPX4 certification against water and dust.

OPPO's ace in the hole on the front of the design is enclosed in the back, corresponding to the two cameras; as already seen in Reno 7 Pro 5G, which I have personally tested, this model also integrates two RGB LEDs in the frame of the cameras that light up when notifications are received or when the smartphone is being charged. Cool or tamarro? I like!

For the rest we are faced with a fairly traditional smartphone, with lines already seen and without any exclusive feauture, as indeed OPPO has spoiled us with different models (ok, high-end!) Launched over the years. On the right side there is the power button, while on the right there is the volume rocker and the trolley for the two SIMs or a MicroSD.

At the top there is only the second microphone for noise cancellation while at the bottom there is room for the USB-C connector, the mono speaker only and a beloved 3.5mm jack for headphones which, despite the years, I always appreciate with great pleasure. There is also a biometric sensor under the display for unlocking the device, both the easily reachable positioning and the precision that does not mention errors is good even in case of repeated unlocks. Also present is the facial release, but only 2D: I suggest the configuration, as always, of both systems for unlocking in order to increase reliability.


A "trick" that many manufacturers in this 2022 have applied to their mid-range devices to try to throw a little smoke in the eyes of consumers, was undoubtedly that of using panels with refresh rates from 90 to 120Hz, a feature which, contrary to what one might believe, contributes to making the smartphone more fluid, at least in appearance.

Here, OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G perhaps it is among the few in this market segment to have fallen behind on this front, since the display 6.43 ″ AMOLED with FullHD + resolution it is equipped with, unfortunately, it does not go beyond 60Hz.

Leaving aside this great little detail, it's a good panel AMOLED with good color quality and good visibility; good viewing angles, reactive sensor for brightness adjustment but unfortunately not among the best ever on the backlight front, since does not exceed 600 nits peak which, ok, are a good value, but they are not comparable with many other mid-range ones currently on the market.

Hardware and Performance

When I put this device under stress, I immediately thought about the Nord CE 2 Lite 5G from OnePlus which I tried a few weeks ago; with him this OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G almost totally shares the technical data sheet, because we find one on board Snapdragon 695 Octa-Core at 6nm, an Adreno 619 GPU, 8GB of RAM (2 more than OnePlus) and internal storage equal to 128GB, alas kind UFS 2.2 therefore not among the fastest ever.

As already reiterated several times in other circumstances and in tests of other smartphones with similar hardware, see the Realme 9 5G or POCO X4Pro 5G, this technical equipment, albeit rather limited on several fronts, manages to ensure decent performance in all scenarios of use, including the gaming sector that does not bring to its knees OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G.

The choice of OPPO that I do not believe, however, is that related to the refresh rate of the display that seems nonsense of poco account, but in practice it is not; consider that we are dealing with a hardware that, no matter how hard it tries, some micro lag in daily use will highlight it and, as seen in the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G, very often a screen with a higher refresh rate can save the smartphone in a corner without making it fall into the trap of the “laggosa” interface.


Another aspect that has created some doubts in me is related to the software: but why, my dear OPPO, in June 2022 and therefore about 7 months after the official release of Android 12, you put a smartphone on the market with Android 11? Okay, I will never understand certain choices. Leaving aside the question of the old version of Android, on the Color OS 12 we have spent hundreds and hundreds of words on it in the most varied contexts.

We know the OPPO ROM, it is stable, reliable and with a good graphic interface, nothing to complain and to report in particular on this model.


The team fielded by OPPO in photographic field is headed by one 64MP f / 1.7 primary lens, followed by a 2MP f / 2.4 macro and one of depth with the same characteristics. As you have surely guessed, the ultra wide-angle lens is absent, a questionable choice but which, alas, has been undertaken by several manufacturers in this same price range.

Given the hardware, overall the photographic shots taken by the primary lens are good quality by day, they have a good level of detail and a good definition, the colors maybe I found them a little too cold in some circumstances and poor in contrast. Very fast focusing that works well in all scenarios, a little less convincing is the shutter speed which when the light decreases increases significantly up to 3-4 seconds to finalize a photo.

Di notte, then, the shots are saved in the corner with the well optimized night mode, but as I told you you need a good steady hand to bring home a good result; I don't recommend shooting at night with night mode off as video noise would be more noticeable on the final shot.

I do not dwell on it never particularly, however, on the two depth and macro cameras, because although all manufacturers undertake to promote and launch them on the market, in practice there remains a solution, in my opinion, only stopgap and purely inserted to "make up" in the technical field .

La selfie camera is 16MP f / 2.4 and take good pictures with a well-lit scene, a little less indoors where the noise is more evident and the definition drops. THE Video, finally, they are made in FullHD to 30fps with both cameras, good quality, excellent audio, only sufficient stabilization.


Battery life is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this smartphone which, thanks to its hardware and a good optimization of the Color OS, manages to arrive safely until the evening with even a good 25-30% residual still available.

The unit mounted on board by OPPO is 4500 mAh and supports fast charging up to 33W, capable of charging from 0 to 100% in real poco more than an hour.

Price, considerations and alternatives

The usual sore point in this 2022 is that linked to the price: this OPPO Reno 8 Lite 5G officially arrives on the European market at 399 euro, a figure probably a bit high, especially if you think about the street price of many products presented last year, even at the highest end, which are able to offer a little more at a similar or even lower price.

This is a smartphone that works well, like many other products, but it is a product that I would recommend to buy probably in a few months, when online thanks to some offer (from the manufacturer or some store) it can be found at a price more advantageous.

Let us remember that, in the price range within 400 euros, there are currently dozens of far more viable alternatives in the likes of Real GT Master Edition (less than 300 euros) or the same OPPO Find X3 Neo (at less than 400 euros it's a best buy).

RENO8 Lite Smartphone, AI Triple camera 64 + 2 + 2MP, Display 6.4 "60HZ AMOLED, 4500mAh, RAM 8GB (Esp 10GB / 11GB / 13GB) + ROM 128GB expand. (1TB), [Extra Warranty 24 + 6Mesi], Rainbow Spectrum

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as of 17/08/2022 09:47


Model8 Lite 5G
Model nameReno8 Lite
Product Dimensions0.75 x 7.32 x 15.99 cm; 173 grams
Article model number8 Lite 5G
Model year2022
Article numberReno 8 Lite 5G
RAM size8 GB
Memory capacity1000 GB
Size of flash memory installed128 GB
RAM memory size installed8 GB
Digital memory capacity128 GB
Operating SystemColorOS 12, Android 11
Processor markQualcomm
Processor speed2.2 GHz
Processor typeSnapdragon
Additional featuresDual SIM, Octa core processor, Support for fast charging, Water resistant, Bluetooth enabled
Components includedAdapter, USB cable, Protective film, Phone case, SIM eject tool
Number of items1
Screen technologyAMOLED
Screen size6.4 inch
Aperture ModesF1.7 - F2.4
Resolution2400 x 1080 Pixel
Optical sensor resolution64 MP
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Charging times‎33 Watts
Batteries / batteries requiredNo
Battery Power Rating4500 Unknown modifier
Cellular technologyLTE
Update frequency60 Hz
Type of connectorsBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC
Radio bands supported2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
Human input interfaceTouchscreen
Form FactorBar
Weight article173 g

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  • Cameras: AI 64MP + 2MP + 2MP Triple Camera, 16MP Front Camera, Rear Flash
  • Camera functions: Photo, Panorama, Video, Dual View Video Selfie HDR, Bokeh Flare, ...

    User Reviews

    ****** DISPLAY ****** The 90Hz is all noticeable. The images flow smoothly and the colors are rather calibrated. Good brightness even under direct light (sun) and good automatic brightness calibration ****** CAMERAS ****** The main camera (64MP) does a good job both day and night. Basically it works at 16MP (3468x4624) but it is possible to switch to 64MP mode from the menu at the top right. In 64MP mode it will not be possible to zoom but the photos are better and this can be seen by going to crop the image. Excellent zoom management, digital only. By making a pronounced zoom (eg. 10x, the maximum would be 20x) after the screen shot you will be prompted to hold the device steady for best performance. Here, doing it the result will be really good, considering that we are always in front of a digital zoom The wide-angle camera takes good photos during the day, but leaves something to be desired in the evening The macro camera takes good photos, but it seems to blur too much on the edges The front camera excellent for video calls and photos (but it has never been my priority) As for the videos, the stabilization works quite well and you get to 4K 30fps. Beautiful multi-camera mode (DOUBLE VIEW VIDEO) that allows you to record videos using both the front and rear cameras at the same time. ****** AUDIO ****** The audio is mono. As loud as it may be, and it is, the absence of a second speaker is felt. At this figure a stereo reproduction was not to be lacking. ****** PROCESSOR ****** I speak honestly. The last mediatek I had about 4-5 years ago and I had promised myself not to take more. Extremely slow charging, battery that discharged immediately, rear part that warmed up during use. If you had these opinions, forget them, here we have a completely different processor in front of us. Responsive, very responsive. Never got stuck and I waited so long for the testimony because I wanted to prove it for good. Charging that goes from 13% to 100% in 26 minutes. Rather long-lived battery, with medium / intense use it can even reach 50% in the evening. ****** SCREEN IMPRINT ****** Really immediate, just one tip, when you set your thumbprint, basically what you will use the most, place your thumb as well as when you unlock it, and then sideways. Unlocking with your face is immediate, but being a 2D recognition I prefer not to use it. ****** CONNECTIVITY ****** The wifi 6 is noticeable and takes advantage of everything. I have an FTTH connection at home with 830/300 speed via ethernet (modem with wifi6). Here, in wifi, with this device, I do exactly the same results, so nothing to say on the wifi side. 5G I could not test it because my operator provides for a surcharge for activation (pity because I'm in a city covered by 5G ) The 4G / 4G + works very well and aggregates the bands without problem (on both sims) ****** AESTHETICS ****** Really a nice phone. The back is satin and makes the device more beautiful. I was blown away by both the weight and the weight balance. The phone seems much lighter than it is and even the dimensions, while not a mini device, are balanced thus resulting in a very good grip ****** EQUIPMENT ****** - Oppo reno6 5G with pre-applied film - Type c earphones- 65W charger and USB A cable -> USB C- Silicone case with raised edges for the camera- Extractor for the sim- Manuals ****** SUMMARY ****** In general it is a very good device. Excellent display, good cameras, excellent reactivity but overall there were some things that did not convince me: - It cannot be considered a photo camera.
    Lover of telephony I have already known OPPO for a long time and I had promised myself to try one for a long time. Among the top brands in China, for several years, - at first timidly - OPPO has gradually established itself in Europe as well. This Reno, now in its 6th generation, is the best buy in the high end of the medium range. Packaging in the average of the other devices of the same range, as a plus a 1 mt USB typeC cable for free. In the period in which I bought it (September '21) a promo is also underway to receive free accessories such as wireless inear headphones and flash covers.Let's start with the aesthetics: Very nice color change effect, with satin effect and opaque, poco used to keep fingerprints. Solid and handy, it comes with a standard silicone cover. I particularly liked the oversized cable (rightly so) for a 65w charger, although I would have preferred it slightly longer. Very fast recharging and excellent battery life in stress mode (mail, phone calls, navigation, video and game) you can easily arrive in the evening without the need for recharging, although it guarantees a truly surprising recharge speed. No wireless charging. With 8 Gb of ram the smartphone is very fluid thanks to an excellent GPU. Even when very stressed, it does not heat up (a problem often found on Mediatek chips) and is always pleasant to use. Immediately updated to the latest software versions, the OPPO branded Android OS is intuitive and equipped with many customizations. The screen is bright and allows a result of 2400x1080 (FHD +) really excellent even in gaming and without frame latencies for the excellent CPU-GPU-RAM compromise. The tactile effect of the Z-Axis Linear Motor is very pleasant, not very invasive but effective and well dosed. Audio in capsule, speakerphone and WiFi connection respond well, same performance for fingerprint recognition and face detector. The best aspect of this device is certainly the photographic sector. Speaking mainly from the 64Mpx camera, it has a focal ratio of 1.7 in the average of the terminals of this range, which guarantees excellent brightness. The photos are great without even the need for iterpolation at 108Mpx. Here, I personally don't like the cameras exposed by the body, for fear of scratches or breakages, but this is easily remedied with a protective film or glass. In summary Reno6 is an excellent competitor in its market segment that has the strength in the photographic sector and in the highly respected hardware, with attention to aesthetics and in the pluses such as the Amoled display and the latest generation Mediatek processor. area is not covered by the 5G network so I could not try it, however it covers 3 of the 4 bands available in Italy, in theory you could have problems only with Fastweb where it only covers 1 (n78).
    Truly Beautiful Oppo Glow design in Black color, looks full of Glitter! Really excellent screen, as well as volume and telephone part, the Audio is Powerful. Even the photos seem Excellent to me, at 64 megapixels they are without zoom and you shoot in Vertical, the battery seems ok but I have to recharge again. 434 € the New Reno 6 I think it is an affordable price 2 days from launch, hard to find better.I recommend it.These are First Impressions with the terminal in use for 3 hours.Update: The battery comfortably covers the day with intense use, I personally called, sent emails, surfed, used social media, watched multimedia content, received several notifications and the Reno 6 held up well. Thanks to Amazon! Always perfect shipments. Update 2: With the XHD Function, photos are brought to 108 megapixels thanks to Artificial Intelligence! 😊

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