Your OnePlus may have a serious memory bug

oneplus memory bug

For some time now, some would say that the quality of the OnePlus has gradually worsened. It's hard to say for sure, but it's pretty clear that in recent years there have been bug reports have increased. A physiological trend, given that the owners of OnePlus smartphones have also increased and therefore the same bug can present itself to many more users than in the first years. And that's exactly what's been happening for a few months now, with many users reporting big problems with full memory.

If you browse both within the OnePlus forum (1, 2, 3, 4) and Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), you can find dozens and dozens of testimonials of this annoying bug that afflicts several OnePlus smartphones. There are reports regarding OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, 8 Pro, 8T, but also Nord, Nord N10, Nord CE 5G, Nord N200 and even older models like the 6 series. Android 11 therefore looks like something extended to practically the entire OnePlus catalog and to multiple versions of the OxygenOS.

Does the memory of your OnePlus smartphone fill up abnormally? Here's what's going on

But what is the problem? In short words, the memory fills up abnormally, ending up completely or almost completely saturating the available storage space. Among the reports I tracked down, there is even a 8 GB OnePlus 256T owner who found himself with 246 GB (96%!) Occupied abnormally. Investigating superficially, from the Memory section of the OxygenOS menus we discover that it is the "System"The one indicted; consequently, the fault lies with the system files. The problem is that removing apps, clearing the cache, or deleting photos and videos also solves the problem. Even formatting is useless, because as soon as the smartphone is configured from 0 the memory will begin to fill up again.

oneplus memory bug

At this point, more experienced users have thoroughly investigated, relying on log logs contained in all smartphones, including OnePlus. For those who do not know what we are talking about, a log is a text file that contains all the actions that have taken place on the device (hardware and software) and is useful for diagnosing problems of this type. Unfortunately, this type of file is not normally accessible to anyone and is needed enabled root permissions to enter the folders in which they are stored. Fortunately, OnePlus allows this type of modding operation without voiding the warranty.

And it is precisely by accessing these registers that some have realized the nature of this anomaly. Inside the folder "data / vendor / memorydump”Multiple files of hundreds of MB each are generated every day. And in itself this wouldn't be a big deal, logs like these are logged on all the electronic devices around us - the problem arises when they are not deleted automatically. Apparently, there is a bug in the OxygenOS that prevents these logs from being purged when no longer needed, ending up piling up to full memory.

The most "trivial" solution could be to keep root permissions active and delete these files every day. But in addition to the obvious annoyance of having to repeat this action daily, not everyone can afford to keep root permissions active: doing so means not being able to use banking and payment apps or games like Pokémon GO, but also having Netflix in low resolution. The real solution must come from OnePlus, which after being contacted by the Linus Tech Tips team replied of "to be aware of it and to be working on it". Too bad we are in June 2022 and the first reports of the bug date back more than a year ago.

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