Oclean Endurance review: the BEST-BUY electric toothbrush!

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In recent months I have had the opportunity to try the model Flow by Oclean, an inexpensive electric toothbrush yes, but with attention to the smallest details, with different rotation modes and an infinite battery, which in the last 6 months I will have really only charged twice, absurd.

Today the company invited me to try a new model, it's called Endurance and is dedicated to that type of users who do not want to spend big money on oral hygiene and are used to the classic supermarket toothbrush, from around 2-4 euros. This model has what it takes to become a absolute best-buy, forewarned man ... you know the saying, don't you?

Oclean Endurance Review

Package Contents

Inside the sales package of theOclean Endurance the content is rather minimalist, as is the tradition on the other hand when you have to keep the price low:

  • Oclean Endurance
  • USB-A / USB-C cable for charging
  • 1 original head with soft bristles
  • 1 wall support with rear double-sided adhesive
  • Quick manuals also translated into Italian

Design and Materials

Oclean Endurance is made, as usual, in plastic but you do not realize that you are facing an economic product, perhaps due to the calendered design created by the company that makes the better grip compared to one with a completely smooth surface and in addition it eliminates that feeling of cheap that is perceived in other products competitors.

And speaking of competitors, this Oclean product fits into the same market segment as one of the best-selling products ever in the electronic toothbrush sector, namely theOral-B Vitality, produced for about 30 euros o poco plus, which has garnered huge sales thanks to its competitive price.

Just to make a comparison, Oclean Endurance in terms of design it differs precisely for these futuristic lines and above all for this black color that makes it more suitable for display in modern bathrooms that are increasingly taking hold in our homes. Frontally the design is clean and houses a single on and off button that does not even have a small lighting LED. There must be a reason why it is a cheap product, right?

As usual, the head can be removed and replaced very easily and without major complications; the bristles, as per tradition, are DuPont, soft and also suitable for the most sensitive teeth and gums, as in my case and, despite the vibrations of the electric toothbrush, there will be no bleeding phenomena, which I personally suffer from when I use bristles hard or poor quality.

In addition, like all the other models, this Endurance is also IPX7 certified and can be totally immersed in water and rinsed without problems; the only recommendation, as usual, is to be careful to hermetically close the small bottom cover that hides the USB-C port for charging.

Characteristics and quality of cleaning

Regarding the quality of cleaning, well there is not much to go into detail because this can only depend on your habits regarding oral hygiene. What I can tell you, however, is that the DuPont bristles are the flagship of this product of Oclean (and not only that, since all the toothbrushes of the company use these bristles) and it really makes a difference in the practical field, putting you at ease from the first wash, a feature practically difficult to find on any toothbrush you just bought.

It goes without saying, therefore, that this is a product without smart functionality and that it is not able to interface with the smartphone, which instead do other models of the company such as the new one. X10, even equipped with a nice display and connectivity on iOS and Android.

However, just to give you an important technical data, this Oclean Endurance has an engine capable of offering up to 36.000 RPM, very high value and slightly lower than products that the same company sells at figures up to three times higher; this power, in addition, is able to guarantee up to 72.000 movements bristles per minute which, if combined with the right movement of your hand, can ensure a much better level of oral hygiene than the classic manual toothbrush.


As for the battery, well this Oclean Endurance has on board a unit from 800 mAh, rechargeable via cable in about 4-5 hours. The autonomy is very good, even if it is not its extreme strong point.

Assuming two washes a day of about two minutes each, the estimated duration is about 30 days, not one of the best on the market but definitely in line with the price range and higher, for example, the usual Oral-B that I used for my comparative.

Price and Considerations

The price of the Oclean Endurance is approximately around the euro 21, a market segment poor in products with these list prices, but full of alternatives that have undergone some devaluations over time; at the moment, in fact, there are products of the same Oclean at similar prices with comparable characteristics, such as the same Flow that I have personally tried and of which I invite you to read the review here.


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