Nothing Phone (1) like OnePlus: pre-orders by invitation start

nothing phone 1 sales system invitations details

If before we had doubts that Nothing Phone (1) could have something of OnePlus, invites system with which it will be sold can confirm this hint. In fact, from a new official video we learn that the brand of Carl Pei intends to sell the first units as they did with the first unit of the company controlled by OPPO, restarting the hype machine.

Upgrade 24 / 06: from today it is possible to join the system by invitation for the purchase of Nothing Phone (1). Find all the details at the end of the article.

The first examples of Nothing Phone (1) with an invitation system: all the details

To reveal, in the aforementioned video of the brand, that the first Nothing Phones (1) will be sold through invitations was the Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of the startup Akis Evangelidis, who was also the former Vice President of OnePlus in France (needless to say), who explains to us together with his collaborators why he chose this mode to debut on the smartphone market.

nothing phone 1 sales invitation system details 2

In fact, from his words, we learn that this must be a gift to the community that has been following them from day one, creating a sort of "initial" exclusivity for a device that is certainly getting noticed for having a decidedly innovative design and that is definitely inspired by what happened with OnePlus One in 2014. This does not mean, as stated in the video, that there will be no free sale but obtaining such feedback can certainly direct Nothing to do better and above all to avoid initial waste.

In addition, there is the hype element, which will make the process much more subject to media attention and users, who already with the video by Marquees Brownlee found herself teased by the situation, which now takes on more and more the tones of which we talked to you in our focus on what startups have brought, including OnePlus, to the market by exploiting this exclusivity and expectation regarding the products launched. Not for nothing, the top 100 Nothing Phone (1) they are sold with auction system on StockX, eCommerce thought precisely with these terms.

In short, if you were hoping it was a simple thing to get what is becoming the object of desire of many Android fans, unfortunately you will have to wait a bit or be lucky. In the meantime, you can update yourself on what are its characteristics in thedeepening dedicated.

The invitation system starts | Update 24/06

A few hours after the announcement, Nothing has opened pre-orders to make the purchase of Nothing Phone (1), all done through an invitation system. If you don't already have one, you can put your email on the waiting list and wait your turn to purchase the smartphone (there are currently over 20.000 people waiting). You can skip waiting list positions by having other people register with your referral link (which you will get once you register).

Pre-order Nothing Phone (1)

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