Mavinex Link PD Pro review: one of the most compact 9-port HUBs

review mavinex link pd pro 9 port usb hub cover

Mobile productivity often implies having to deal with numerous accessories that we need to connect to our devices, whether these are USB keys or larger displays for a smoother working picture. For this reason, a proper USB HUB is an important ally but we must choose one that satisfies all of our needs. One that corresponds to all of them, at least the best known ones, is the Mavinex Link PD Pro, HUB 9-in-1, which we tried for this review.

Package Contents

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If the product can be considered complete, its packaging can be said to be essential. In fact, the contents of the simple HUB box Mavinex it essentially consists of the device and the manuals, without further components. Usually, this is fine for this type of product.

Design and materials

If we look at the design, it is not very different from what we have seen with the Type-C HUBs released so far, yet its compactness and lightness make the difference in terms of structure. To this is combined a body in aluminum satin finish and a rubberized cable. Very appreciable.

Doors and experience of use

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We said at the beginning that theMavinex PD Link Pro HUB was equipped with 9 doors. Well, going to make a picture of what these are, we have: 3 doors USB 3.1 Gen 1, a door Type-C for charging, one for data, standard MicroSD and SD card readers, one HDMI port and a door Ethernet. Nothing is missing, at least for the most popular productivity functions.

As for the user experience, let's start with the doors USB 3.1 Gen 1, which in terms of reading and writing, with a key USB 3.0 da 32 GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 we managed to achieve a maximum of 27 MB / s in writing e 95 MB / s in reading. For faster devices, up to 5 Gbps (Gigabits per second) read and write (around 625 MB / s) can be achieved.

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Moving on to the HDMI port, we have support up to 4K 30Hz and we must say that it held up without problems, with compatibility a DisplayPort. The two Type-C ports do their job very well, especially the charging one, since we were able to charge the MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 port on a regular basis as if we were using direct charging.

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No problem then with the readers of MicroSD and SD, which run at a maximum in reading and writing up to 5 Gbps and support the highest standards, especially those for photographers. Finally, the Ethernet connectivity, which manages to support Gigabit and covers an almost complete peak (about 900 Mbps in Download and 510 Mbps in Upload).

What to say, then, in conclusion of this Mavinex HUB in review? As far as it has brought us in terms of productivity, it is absolutely to be promoted, since it does everything that can be asked of a product of this kind, respecting the parameters it guarantees us. The price at which it is offered on Amazon, around 35€, it is certainly congruous with the category and the equipment of the device, so even in this it is absolutely promoted. NB If you don't see the purchase link correctly, we recommend that you disable AdBlock.

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