Mavinex Hub 12-in-1 Review: Any port you ask for, it has it

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After seeing how it is possible to enter 9 ports in a compact hub, in this test we try another Mavinex solution but certainly more complete and professional so to speak. In fact, we had in review il Mavinex Hub Type-C 12 in 1, which does not seem to never leave us short of doors: but will he have convinced us?

Mavinex Hub 12 in 1 review┃USB Type-C

Package Contents

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The packaging of12-in-1 hub Mavinex in review he finds himself essentially like that of his younger brother: that is, essential and provided only with the product and manuals. As usually happens with these products, that's enough.

Design and materials

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Il design it is found to be substantially elegant but decidedly more important given the dimensions that are found which, for heaven's sake, are not huge but which in any case include more doors and it is right that it is naturally more voluminous. The materials used are aluminum for the body and polycarbonate for the sides. Rubberized the cable instead Type-C connection.

Functionality and user experience

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Using the Hub Mavinex 12 in 1 left us satisfied as we can connect so many support devices without really having to give up on something. Compared to the Link PD Pro, the more compact one, finds 2 HDMI ports that honestly hold up monitors Full HD and 4K 30Hz, as well as two Type-C ports, one for power (tested on a MacBook Pro and everything went as it should), one for data. The one for data appends at 2 USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports and 2 door 2.0. The transmission speed of these ports gives us a range between 27/30 MB / s in writing i 95/100 MB / s in reading.

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Indicative data for illustrative purposes.

There is also a reader of MicroSD cards e SD cards, always useful for photographers and for those who shoot with a camera at an amateur level since it supports all standards. Finally, there is a door Gigabit Ethernet and, if anything, even one VGA port. Looking at the Ethernet port, the results are similar to what we saw with the 9 in 1, so it takes around 850 / 900 Mbps download and 550 Mbps in upload. Not bad at all.

Mavinex 9-in-1 USB Hub Review - Price and Conclusion

What to say, then, in conclusion of this Hub Mavinex? Basically, for the many doors it offers, it is an expense that is certainly worthwhile. It responded well to all tests and showed no sign of a lack of connectivity or quality. The fact that it is still easy to carry, is still quite pocketable, is definitely a plus. The price is all in all framed, since we are around 70 / 75 € on Amazon, which with some offers can be even cheaper. NB If you do not see the link correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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