Infinix shows in video Thunder Charge, the 180W fast charge

Infinix Thunder Charge fast charging 180W video

Is called Thunder Charge and it's the new quick charging system da 180W developed by Infinix, the same company that last year developed a 160W technology capable of fully charging one 4.000 mAh battery in just ten minutes. Since then, Infinix has been trying to refine their system by pushing the charging speed even higher. So how Thunder Charge can it overcome the previous technology developed by Infinix?

Introducing Thunder Charge, Infinix's 180W fast charge

Infinix Thunder Charge fast charging 180W video

Several manufacturers are working on fast charging systems that promise to return one hundred percent of the smartphone's autonomy in a matter of minutes. Just recently, for example, there was a rumor that it will be IQOO 10 PRO lo smartphone to implement the most powerful technology ever, with a system of quick charge to 200W which promises 100% battery in about 12 minutes of charging.

Also Infinix try again with his Thunder Charge, the fast charging system a 180W. We do not know which smartphone is the protagonist of the video that you will be able to see shortly, but you will also notice that in less than 10 seconds by recharging the autonomy of the device manages to gain 1 percentage point.

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Il concept phone which was used last year to test theUltra Flash Charge, in addition to supporting the powerful charging system, it was also equipped with a particular rear film that could change color. It is likely that Infinix reveal some more details about the new smartphone or the new charging technology in the coming weeks, and of course if there are any news we will always be ready to update you!

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