Huawei imagines screen sharing between two smartphones

huawei smartphone screen sharing patent

I have been doing it for years now screen mirroring to the smartphone or tablet to larger screens is reality. Screen sharing has then also translated into a more complex one multi-screen collaboration, successfully launched by some brands. As of today, however, we don't have one screen sharing between two smartphones e Huawei, with its new patent.

Huawei wants to make it possible to share its screen with another smartphone

huawei smartphone screen sharing patent 2

So what does the published document present to us? According to what we read, the brand has hypothesized a direct sharing between two smartphones, where the first goes to replicate all the contents on the display on another similar device. But how would it all happen? It seems that Huawei has left nothing to chance, given that the image in the patent shows us the possibility of opening a dedicated application and start the sharing screen.

But what is this type of sharing good for? Let's imagine that Huawei assumes some sort of remote management or to allow another user to view what is needed but which cannot be sent via a messaging or cloud sharing application. We do not know if the brand sees an application similar to the one seen with the Multi-Screen Collaboration of MateBooks, or with somewhat different processes. What is certain is that such an option is actually missing on smartphones at all and if Huawei is ahead of the competition, it could have many advantages.

Unfortunately we do not know when we will see this feature at work, perhaps with the future Huawei P60 (if there ever will be?), but what do you think? Do you find it could be a modality you would use? Let us know in the comments!

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