Huawei Nova 10 Pro shows itself with an atypical design

huawei nova 10 pro design pictures details

After receiving the confirmation of his arrival, The series Huawei Nova 10, specifically the Pro model, finally sees hers design unveiled. The top-mid range smartphone of the brand takes on features that we can define atypical compared to the previous ones but with the usual touch of Huawei.

Huawei Nova 10 Pro: design with pill bumper but far from the past

huawei nova 10 pro design pictures details 2

How do we learn about the design of the Nova 10 Pro? The smartphone is depicted in an advertising billboard of a physical store, where it can be seen in its entirety. But what does it tell us? It shows us a device not very far from the previous ones but with a clear change in terms of the style of the camera bumper. The pill remains, but finds a golden outline and the main sensor is now in the middle and not higher.

Among other things, in Huawei they have definitively taken the definitive step to break away from the parallelism with the Honor of the Digital series, therefore Nova 10 Pro it looks nothing like Honor 70 Pro. But on the front? Fortunately the poster also gives us a concrete look at the and here we have a sort of confirmation with respect to the past with a curved panel and a pill punch-hole which therefore indicates a double sensor for selfies. As for the coloring, finally, a very elegant silver was chosen that finds a touch of fine with the Nova logo.

In short, Huawei has decided to give a change to its series Nova 10, on which he will focus clearly until we know more about the hypothetical series P60 o Mate 50, of which today everything is decidedly nebulous.

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