Huawei MateBook D16 2022 review: lots of power with Intel Core i7 and Iris Xe GPU

huawei matebook d16

Since when Huawei has decided to enter the PC market permanently, the satisfactions were not lacking. To date, in fact, its laptops represent some of the best solutions in this area, especially for those who use the notebook for business needs. There are many models currently on the market, all absolutely valid and which meet the different needs of consumers. There are users, in fact, more inclined to use a Windows system, perhaps even the latest version, rather than Linux. While there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides, the public seems to appreciate such solutions.

Over the years the brand has been able to retain its users, first through smartphones and then with laptops, always offering new solutions. Like what Apple has done with its products, therefore, Huawei has tried to create its own ecosystem consisting of several interconnected devices. This has therefore led to the development of alternative and non-standard solutions that have given added value to their terminals.

Huawei MateBook D16 is one of the brand new products launched in May 2022, first in China and then also on European soil. Although from a design point of view it has poco to say, being very similar to the previous models, it is equipped with the latest processors Intel Core di 12 generation. But not only that, because under the body they hide some other surprises, such as the introduction of an Intel Iris Xe graphics card that brings a few more points to the gaming department.

Huawei MateBook D16 2022 review: design, display, specifications and price


Going to observe the box in which this product is sold, we do not find anything particular. In addition to reporting the name on the front, therefore, Huawei has decided to report some brief information on the product data sheet, and nothing more. Let's see, therefore, how the following accessories find space inside the sales package:

  • Huawei MateBook D16 2022;
  • USB Type-C / USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Let's say that it is not surprising at all that Huawei has again decided to reproduce the same design as the previous models. We are now used to this type of form factor and perhaps the same company did not want to overturn it too much, for this very reason. However, it remains a very clean and certainly appreciated line, which gives the product a premium character. Let's see, therefore, how also in this case the brand logo has been inserted on the front, with a glossy effect. The whole body, then, is made entirely of aluminum, so it turns out to be rather light. In terms of dimensions, in fact, this laptop measures 369 x 234 x 18,4 mm thick, with a total weight of approx 1,74 Kg.

huawei matebook d16

It is not very light but remains in the average of its competitors, managing to fit easily into any medium-sized backpack. Even if we are in the presence of a da 16" diagonally, therefore, the dimensions are quite compact and it is easy to handle in almost any occasion, even with one hand. Huawei thought it wanted to produce just such a product, devoted to portability and productivity, without sacrificing performance at all. I must say, therefore, that in part it really succeeded perfectly. The surface that covers the product is comfortable and pleasant to the touch, although it is more prone to getting dirty easily after a few hours of use.

As always, Huawei has not skimped on the initial equipment, integrating a sufficiently good number of ports into this product. On the right, therefore, we find two entrances USB 3.0 while on the opposite side there is an entrance mini jack for headphones, a door HDMI and two USB Type-C, one of which is dedicated to charging the notebook itself. That it is devoted to productivity, then, can also be seen from another aspect: in addition to the upper part, in correspondence with the camera, MateBook D16 integrates four microphones immediately below the opening of the display. This decision was made to probably avoid a single microphone suffering from a few too many disturbances, ruining the experience on call.

Turning the laptop 180 ° we can appreciate everything on the back, namely the grid for the escape of hot air and the two smaller grills, placed on the two sides, which integrate the speaker. Let's say that the position of the latter two is not exactly exceptional, also because when you place the device on a soft surface the sound is almost completely covered. Huawei has decided, however, to make a personally welcome change: the webcam changes place and definitively returns to the top, in a special housing on the upper frame.

Keyboard & Trackpad

Working with the numeric keypad, for many professions, it is of fundamental importance. I am thinking, for example, of all the accounting professions. Therefore, the fact that Huawei has decided to include it in this product leaves us a first clue about some of the real types of people it is aimed at. I must say, then, that the keyboard is really comfortable in the writing phase, offering a soft and decisive stroke of the keys. You don't have to sink your finger all the way down to take command, so the number of errors you run into while typing is really low. I remind you, then, that in particularly dark places it is possible to activate the keyboard backlight on two different levels.

huawei matebook d16

Having to deal with the trackpad MacBook Pro 2019 are always very critical on this aspect. Huawei MateBook D16 managed, however, not to make me regret the experience with that trackpad too much, offering good precision and satisfactory stability. It does not jerk and is always responsive, perfectly following the movement of our fingers on its surface. So even when I found myself having to edit a short video on Premiere I didn't have any particular problems.


Difficult to ask for better than the panel installed on this device. In fact, Huawei MateBook D16 is equipped with a display IPS Full HD (1980 x 1800 pixels) from 16,1" with 16: 9 form factor. The side frames are very thin, they do not exceed one centimeter, so the sense of immersion is even more evident. From this point of view, the quality of the panel is also given by the colors, always very vivid, as well as by the surface with which the front glass is coated. In fact, Huawei has opted for a frosted glass which, with its matte finish, prevents the sun's rays from disturbing the view. So even outdoors it is quite comfortable to sit on a bench and start working on any project.

huawei matebook d16

Even if the blacks are not deep at all, the quality of the panel is evident. On the other hand, on a product of this type, perhaps nothing more than this was needed. Pay attention only to fingerprints and dirt, which in any case affect the surface, even if to a lesser extent than a standard glass. Here, in any case, the viewing angles are decent and it is possible to work well even with different inclinations of the display, although the latter does not go beyond 150 °. Despite this, the strength of the rear hinges is sufficient to keep it always in position, even in the face of strong jolts.

Hardware & Performance

MateBook D16 integrates a new processor, theIntel Core i7-12700H di 12 generation, consisting of 6 P-Core and 8 E-Core energy-efficient cores, equipped with a Boost frequency of 4,6GHz. To accompany this CPU we find, then, an integrated graphics card, or one intel iris xe. As for the memories, however, we have 16 GB of RAM Dual Channel and well 512 GB of internal storage, guaranteed by a SSD NVMe from Samsung.

MateBook D16 is a real marvel, especially considering who this machine is aimed at. Therefore, despite its simplicity, it manages to guarantee excellent performance with the Office package, as well as on Chrome and during web browsing, never going into crisis. There is only one aspect that did not fully convince me: after several intense minutes of work the fans will start to be heard, due to the high temperatures. In fact, during the tests, we reported about 82 ° maximums for the CPU, a value that does not really speak in its favor. We also found del Thermal throttling, another aspect that inevitably rings a small alarm bell.

huawei matebook d16

Net of the problems that this machine presents, I would like to specify that we have had the opportunity to try it in preview. Therefore, some further updates could also arrive to improve its performance from this point of view. Beyond this aspect, however, I must say that I was able to run any type of program without problems, including some applications designed for professionals. With PremiereFor example, I was able to edit a short 10 minute video without any problems, while using many effects and different video transitions. At the same time I was allowed to surf the web and manage some Office programs, without delays. The same thing is true, then, also for the video in 4K, supported by the machine. As always, in fact, the various test videos ran smoothly, but not only. While viewing these videos I was able to select another video in 4K on YouTube, being able to view and manage both videos without problems. Going to the "Resource Management" the CPU has never been busy enough and the memory has always managed to meet the load of information, without ever getting completely saturated.

With MateBook D16 it is possible to play video games even with more demanding titles, see Fortnite. Testing the latter, therefore, I must say that I was a little surprised by the performance. Thanks to GPU integrated intel iris xe it is possible to play this title with a fairly decent frame rate but which obviously suffers from some lag and, in general, from a low frame-rate. You can play it but it's definitely not the choice a Pro Gamer would make.




Windows 11 is Microsoft's new operating system and has obviously also been installed on the new MateBook D16. Let's see, therefore, how the entire interface has changed, showing a different arrangement of the icons and a different graphics. Net of these changes, however, the soul of this new version does not change, resulting only slightly more captivating in several of its parts. It therefore becomes almost superfluous to say but once the notebook is opened we have everything we need to start working, without other frills. Microsoft is always very attentive to the Business market and therefore offers a complete package of programs devoted entirely to professionals, such as the most famous Office package.

Huawei has decided to customize the offer a little, however, introducing some interesting solutions in the software. Also in this case, therefore, he decided to introduce Huawei Share, a service designed to reduce waiting times when transferring data from your smartphone to your computer, and vice versa. An idea as simple as it is brilliant, although not entirely original, which uses the module NFC contained in the phone to immediately send any type of file to the notebook, quickly and accurately. Simply place the phone on the "Huawei Share" logo on the body and follow the instructions.

Audio & Connectivity

A module can be found on board this laptop Wi-Fi 6 with excellent performances and the Bluetooth 5.1, which is also quite valid. As mentioned, then, in terms of connectivity practically nothing is missing, equipping itself with two USB-A ports, two USB Type-C inputs and the 3,5mm audio jack for headphones. What could have been introduced is an RJ45 input for the Ethernet cable, so as not to have to buy a separate HUB to take advantage of the wired network. Let's say, in any case, that the performances are quite good even so, with the internal memory that in reading manages to record a speed of 3519 MB / s in writing and 2454 MB / s in reading.

From an audio point of view, Huawei could certainly have done better. Going to observe, however, the content at 360 ° it is clear why the company has not pushed in this direction: MateBook D16 is not a product designed for multimedia. You can watch TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all other services in streaming, but its specialty remains the production field. Therefore, it would not have made sense to perform even more with a level audio sector. There remain, therefore, really non-existent bass and a predilection for medium and high tones.


The seat is located under the body battery da 60Wh which allows us to conclude, with continuous use, about 4 hours and 30 minutes of operation. It also depends a lot on what kind of brightness level is used, how long the screen stays on, which programs are used and much more. I can tell you, therefore, that this data comes out of my standard use which is mainly made of videos on YouTube, web browsing on Chrome, writing some text, a short video montage on Premiere and poco other.

Inside the sales package, the brand has inserted a 65W charger that can fully recharge the laptop in about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

Huawei MateBook D16 2022 has arrived on the European market, after being presented in China.

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Arrived in Italy, and already managed to make us fall in love with him. I must admit, in fact, that under the production side there is almost no competition at the same price and services, as long as you also have a Huawei-branded smartphone. Here, in fact, things change significantly and it could become an added value to own another mobile device of this same brand. The company has created a deep enough integration that it will surely go on to develop further in the future. Net of these issues, however, I believe that the product is also valid for those who do not have other Huawei terminals, therefore for those who are simply looking for a performing machine in every respect. Being able to manage many different files at the same time, with many apps open, makes the difference.

I think that even more than in the smartphone sector, Huawei has hit the mark and retained an important number of users. In addition to performance, here we also have a simple but functional design, which is now perfectly recognizable in every part of the world where the company has established itself.

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