Running with HONOR Watch GS3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

There are many companies in the tech field that are increasingly enriching their range of products in order to be able to create a complete ecosystem from A to Z, to provide continuity to their users and, above all, to ensure perfect integration under all points of view.

Probably the most famous ecosystem in the smart sector can only be that of Apple, but if there is a company that is making great strides and is developing solutions suitable for everyone, that is it Honor. As a "niche" brand, Honor is now one of the largest and is evidenced above all by the quantity and ever-increasing quality of its products.

Nell 'experiment what I wanted to do today I brought some of the company's latest products with me during one of my training sessions, leaving home all my “usual” hardware with which I train. I'll tell you in detail how it went.

Running with HONOR Watch GS3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

GS3 Honor Watch

He is the first protagonist of today's video, theGS3 Honor Watch: at first glance it will not seem like a smartwatch dedicated to monitoring sports activities, due to its extremely refined and refined design (especially in the gold color, of a certain level). The case is circular in shape, and what strikes at first glance is undoubtedly the very slim body, only 10.5mm, and the extremely low weight of only 44 grams, strap not included.

The Honor Watch GS3 has one 1.43 "AMOLED screen inches with a pixel density of 326PPI and a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels; one of its strengths is precisely this, the screen, since it has exceptional visibility under the sun and is equipped with a curved glass on the edges that improves its aesthetic appearance and makes it more harmonious with all shapes.

Is one SmartWatch that fits well on most wrists, even the smallest ones, especially since the company markets a single model and not two as other brands often do, so it has tried to make the dimensions as accessible as possible. On the right side there are two physical buttons that allow you to move through the various system menus, and in addition, always on the right, you can find the system speaker which, in addition to reproducing the voice instructions, allows you to play music loaded directly on the smartwatch, with poco more than 2GB of memory to be able to copy files in MP3 format directly via the smartphone.

But let's get to the point, how does it work during training and in the daily monitoring of heart rate, stress and so on? Honor has an app on a smartphone that allows you to check all the values ​​stored during the day or during training; to clarify, this is the same app as Huawei, Health, but slightly reduced in some sections.

The sensor for monitoring the 8-channel PPG heart rate It also takes advantage of the artificial intelligence of Honor's new Health 5.0 engine and has become extremely precise, with very few percentage points of difference compared to the heart rate monitor and almost total reliability even during training sessions with sweaty and moving wrists.

In addition, the constant monitoring of oxygen in the blood is added and, in the event of low oxygen levels, the smartwatch sends a notification; luckily I have not had the opportunity to try this function, but know that it exists!

Also, if there is one aspect that Honor has claimed to have worked on, that is the Glonass Dual Band GPS which allows you to lock the external signal in less than 5 seconds from the moment you start the search. I did my usual tests on some routes surrounded by very tall buildings and others with thick wood and in the training report I did not notice signal loss or erratic measurements (comparing, as usual, the results of my Apple Watch).

As for autonomy, the company has not declared the values ​​of the installed battery, but in practice the Honor Watch GS3 manages to guarantee about 15 days of use with the smartphone connected and active notifications and up to 30 hours of real autonomy with GPS active and running, so basically if you train 5-6 hours a week, you will still be able to have approximately 7 days of real autonomy.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

The other great protagonists of this tech training could only be the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro, the company's top-of-the-range headphones that, to tell the truth, shamelessly recall the Airpods Pro, but I must say that in practice they have practically electrocuted me, with a yield that I really would not have expected.

First of all they have a rather compact and light case, only 64.3 x 23.2 x 46mm and about 42 grams, is made of plastic and has, in my case, a very nice gray matte finish. On the right, then, the company has inserted the pairing button while on the front there is the classic two-color status LED.

Probably a bit tacky, however, are the headphones with their decidedly particular and unusual silver finish but, I will tell you, this spatial coloring is not displeased to me even if it tends to slightly hold back the fingerprints. Each headset weighs approximately 5.1 grams, and is equipped with interchangeable pads to ensure a better fit and more effective noise cancellation.

Before moving on to the practical act, it is necessary to add that Honor has concentrated many of its efforts in choosing the drivers to install, to the point of using two of them, each of which is dedicated to the reproduction of two types of different frequencies. In the world of TWS headphones this represents an innovation as Honor is the first brand to adopt this solution.

The first is a 11mm classic driver which manages to guarantee deep and enveloping bass and, together with noise cancellation, this is probably the feature that most struck me the instant after wearing these headphones for the first time: scary!

Maybe I come from Apple Airpods Pro which, ok they have excellent quality and everything you want, but in terms of bass they are a totally unsatisfactory pair of earphones, at least for my personal point of view.

La technical equipmentalso continues with a piezoelectric tweeter placed immediately after the dedicated bass driver; this guarantees a good balance of sound and, above all, clear and crystalline highs that make the voice in the songs being listened to rich in details.

The great work of Honor, however, it was not so much in the optimization of the hardware as in the improvement of the sound thanks to the introduced AI which, in essence, identifies the state of health of the user by reproducing an acoustic signal and consequently performs an automatic optimization of the sound in order to guarantee an exceptional quality.

On the noise cancellation front, in my opinion, Honor has practically given its best because it can compete serenely with Apple Airpods Pro, and I say it serenely. The degree of noise reduction reaches -46 dB but the most interesting part lies, once again, in the integration with artificial intelligence that allows you to identify the various noise scenarios thanks to the microphones present, and to automatically adapt the type noise reduction on various levels.

  • ULTRA noise reduction: allows you to effectively reduce the loudest noises and is recommended for use, for example, on a train or plane.
  • COMFORT noise reduction: suitable for the rather subtle noise reduction, in environments such as a library or an office, it is useful in case of prolonged use and does not cause those annoying headaches that often occur with these noise reduction technologies
  • GENERAL noise reduction: Useful in dynamic usage scenarios, on the road or on the go, and essentially is nothing more than adaptive noise cancellation.

Two facts about the battery, then, are necessary: ​​let's talk about about 5 hours of autonomy for earphones with continuous playback and active noise cancellation and up to 4 full charges on a single case charge. Charging times are rather short, especially for earphones which, thanks to the fast charging supported by the case, are able to offer 2 hours of autonomy with only 5 minutes of charging.

How does the ecosystem work?

It would be simplistic to answer this question with a "GOOD", right? The reality, however, is this and for the first time in years in which I have tried tech devices I have been able to find myself in front of a well-made ecosystem, obviously excluding Apple, which has always carried the flag in this field.

The integration between smartphone, smartwatch and headphones it is practically perfect and instantaneous: in case you wish, in a scenario like this of training, you could go out completely without a smartphone since the watch is equipped with an internal memory for music, and allows without complicated fiddling to connect the earphones for play music and training directions.

The cost of the ecosystem and considerations

The costs of the two protagonists of today's story are almost identical: both are offered by Honor on the official store at € 199,90 a price that, honestly, is not expected from Honor which has always been engaged in another market segment. , but the reason for today's test was precisely this: to demonstrate how Honor has grown and entered, in effect, in the world of the greatest.

Of course, I understand that the price is not the lowest and that you can get something similar for a lower price, but it is true that by doing so you would not have a perfect and really well functioning ecosystem. Furthermore, taken individually, the prices of the devices are absolutely aligned with the offers on the market and, indeed, the Watch GS3 it is also probably cheaper than many of its direct competitors.

Passed, with full marks.


The Ocean Blue and Classic Gold versions are on sale at €239.9

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Product sold and shipped from the official HiHonor store

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