ELEGLIDE M1 Upgraded is ideal for going to the beach: now at an all-time low

eleglide discount code m1 plus upgraded electric mountain bike coupon offer

With the possibility, thanks to the summer, to be able to take longer walks, go in bike and possibly in mountain bike it is certainly inspiring. But you have to do it with the right product, which could be one of the models of electric mountain bike ELEGLIDE M1 (which therefore falls to an all-time low) e M1 Plus, always in version Upgraded, on offer with discount code on Geekbuying with free shipping from Europe.

ELEGLIDE M1 and M1 Plus Upgraded discount code: the electric mountain bikes on offer on Geekbuying

eleglide discount code m1 plus upgraded electric mountain bike coupon offer 2
M1 Plus Upgraded

With a substantially different style, given the different colors, but with a very specific sporting soul, the two ELEGLIDE, even in the updated version, they have a well-made aluminum structure. Moving on to the technical characteristics, we have for both an engine from 250W and for both there is a change SHIMANO at 21 speeds, IPX4 certification, maximum speed a 25 km/h, double disc brakes and also the comfortable mode Push Mode, which allows you to transport the bike effortlessly with speeds up to 6 km/h. There are also 3 modes of use and 5 power levels. But how do the two models differ?

Starting from the maximum distance reached with an electric charge, for the M1 Upgraded we have a limit of 65 km, while for the M1 Plus Upgraded it goes up to 100 km. This is also thanks to the different battery capacity of both, with 7.5 Ah for the model ELEGLIDE M1 e 12.5 Ah for the model M1 Plus. The batteries are removable. To this, must be added (compared to previous models) of hydraulic suspension e larger 27.5 ″ wheels.

The convenience of these models is represented by the amount of accessories in the package, which are often optional in other models of the same category.

Find the ELEGLIDE M1 electric mountain bikes, which is therefore at an all-time low, and M1 Plus Upgraded on offer with discount code su Geekbuying in addition to the comfortable shipping from Europe which once again make them two very competitive models. In addition, by purchasing the M1 Upgraded model, you will also receive a JVMAC 64-in-1 screwdriver as a gift.

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