EKSA E5000 Pro review: gaming headphones that don't miss a beat

eksa e5000 pro

Going to take a look at the current market, especially that of accessories, we notice a growing trend. For some years, in fact, there has been greater attention to everything related to the world of Gaming, and not just the video games themselves. Headsets, chairs, desks, mice and keyboards, just to name a few of the devices that are carving out the most space. With the growth of this industry, therefore, new companies have arisen on a global level that have decided to focus on some products in particular or, differently from others, on more terminals. Let's say that the choices, in this case, are also dictated by its production objectives and by the brand's ability to differentiate its offer.

For some time we have been bringing you some reviews on this site regarding a particular brand, namely EKSA. It is therefore a company born from poco in China but which, at least according to the quality of its products, was able to immediately establish itself. There are many competitors, often quite fierce, who try to propose devices with a relationship quality price even lower, offering though poco in absolute terms. On the part of this brand, however, there is a greater care in the offer, meeting the customer in every respect. It should be noted, in fact, the presence of a section within its site, called "Driver Download", within which you can download the Windows program for the sound modification of headphones for each supported model.

But the attention to detail does not end in what we have just seen and finds its maximum expression in the new pair of headphones produced by the brand, that is EXA E5000 Pro. This product offers a rather attractive design, always devoted to gaming, becoming the reference point for the company in this area. Given the compatibility with any type of support, therefore, it offers a unique versatility of its kind.

EKSA E5000 Pro review, when gaming is dressed in practicality


There is no news regarding the packaging. From this point of view, therefore, the company remains true to itself by always offering the usual square box with all the main information on the back. Let's say that it is one of the most eye-catching boxes among those on the market, already offering a complete overview of the headphones themselves. Inside this package, therefore, we find the following accessories:

  • EKSA E5000Pro;
  • a removable microphone, with 3,5mm audio jack;
  • sponge headset for the microphone;
  • USB Type-C / USB Type-C cable;
  • USB Type-C (female) / USB-A adapter;
  • USB Type-C / 3,5mm jack cable;
  • soft microfiber case, useful for carrying headphones;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

You have to imagine that you are faced with a classic pair of gaming headphones, with an important footprint and with the predisposition for different colored LEDs. Therefore, nothing different than what you are normally used to. Let's say, however, that the dimensions are not at all reported on the official website, as well as inside the instructions manual, so I can't give you more precise details about it. Going beyond this aspect, in any case, we note the presence of different materials including polycarbonate for the entire body, metal for the upper headband and something that looks a lot like the leatherette for all soft components. I must say, therefore, that I have not had any particular problems in the daily use of these headphones which, also thanks to the various materials used, have always turned out to be quite comfortable.

eksa e5000 pro

Even if the weight is less than 300 grams they make themselves felt, especially on the hottest days. Thanks to the rather generous size of the ear cups, the ears remain inside the leatherette structure but during the summer season, as well as on all other models that have this feature, the sweat it could wet them more than it should. There are no remedies to avoid this condition, so the only thing I can recommend is to dry them often, so as to prevent them from spoiling prematurely. However, it remains a product with good ergonomics, being able to set the height of the two pavilions at the preferred level, but not only. We can also decide, if necessary, to mount the microphone, simply connecting it to the structure by means of the attack jack from 3,5mm. This accessory, therefore, is quite stable and can be adjusted as desired, being equipped with a fairly robust flexible structure.

Taking a look at all the various components, we see how the letters "L" and "R" are shown inside the two ear cups, indicating the direction in which they must be worn. We clearly have a prevalence of the color green, the same color that the lights also light up LED placed inside the plastic structure that dominates the pavilions, with the brand logo in the center. Let's say, therefore, that especially in the evening they catch the eye. Beyond this, then, on the left earphone reside the volume selector, button to mute the microphone, for an multi-function button, the entrance USB Type-C and 3,5mm audio jack. We are therefore faced with a complete product that wants to be compatible with every type of platform, proposing a series of accessories that go precisely in this direction and that we will see in more detail in poco.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Many would have probably preferred a Bluetooth device but gaming purists know that the latency offered by these good value for money products is often not that low. So the choice of the brand was quite precise, offering its customers wired headphones that have the ability to connect to any type of support. As reported on the package, in fact, these EKSA E5000 Pro are compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation e devices Android. Virtually all media currently on the market. This is possible thanks to all the cables in the package that make the headphones very versatile, adapting from time to time to different devices.

By connecting to the EKSA official website, then going to "Support" and then to "Driver Download", you can download the brand equalization program on your Windows PC. Each compatible product has its own driver and you need to download the right one to take advantage of some additional features. Here, in fact, we can take advantage of the Surround 7.1, as well as modify the basic equalization of the product by having various control parameters available. This program only works on Windows but I think it's not a big deal as most people use this system at home. Let's see, therefore, how in addition to controlling everything related to the audio in the headphones during gaming sessions, we can also manage other activities: by selecting the second menu, for example, we enter the area dedicated to the quality of the headphones in listening to the pieces of music, while going even further we find the option concerning theENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). So, in addition to the simple spatial sound, a really wide riverbed of possibilities opens up before us. I remind you, then, as in the first menu we find some gaming presets, such as MOBA or FPS that aim to offer the best possible experience in these types of video games.

Audio & Microphone

As well as the other headphones of the same brand tested so far, the E5000 Pro also offer a good one audio in gaming. Here, therefore, we have marked and distinct basses, with an overall rather balanced audio. During the game sessions, then, all its qualities come out in a more marked way, being able to count on an almost unparalleled spatiality for the price at which they are offered. Testing the headphones with some FPS, like the same Fortnite, I was able to almost always establish precisely where my opponent was, thus giving me a greater chance of victory in the head to head. In case you need to change something, however, it is possible to do it through the software developed by the brand. This is absolutely a great merit for a product of this type, giving the gamer the opportunity to find the greatest possible comfort.

eksa e5000 pro

During multiplayer gaming sessions we have the opportunity to talk to our friends thanks to the microphone in the package. Once connected to the headphones, therefore, it is immediately ready for use. Taking a look at the left pavilion of these E5000 Pro, we notice the presence of a hole that integrates a microphone used to detect ambient noise. By combining this data with what is detected by the main microphone, the artificial intelligence tries to propose the best possible output quality by eliminating as much external sounds as possible. Therefore, on a practical level, there is a decent quality in this sense, even if at times the audio captured by the microphone turns out to be a bit metallic. Net of this aspect, as well as the overall price, this is a more than valid component.

I previously mentioned the presence of a multifunction button on the left earcup. What is it for? This particular key has only two functions in reality: holding it down for 3 seconds activates / deactivates the LED lights and clicking once on it activates / deactivates the sound. Surround 7.1. Whenever the mode is changed, a voice inside the headphones notifies us of the change. Any other doubts relating to this aspect, but also to others, are reported in the official instruction booklet, also available in Italian.

Price & Conclusions

These EKSA E5000 Pro are currently also sold on the Official site at about the price 55 €, on sale. However, you can find the purchase link below.

NB If you do not see the box with the code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


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Considering what has been said in this full review, I believe this is one of the best models of the brand so far. In addition to being customizable from the audio point of view, it offers good ergonomics and practically absolute compatibility. We can connect these headphones to any support, be it a console or a PC, without any distinction. This means that carrying them with you will enjoy a unique versatility, because if necessary they can be pulled out of the backpack to connect them to the phone, to a console or a PC without any problem. I think this is ultimately their greatest value, after the price of course, also because at this figure it is difficult to find better on the market.

By continuing on this path, the brand could gradually climb the hierarchies in this sector in the future. There is attention to the product, not only in the construction but also in everything behind the device.

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