Xiaomi Populele 2 almost at half price: the smart ukulele for your summer evenings!

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Two years after first popular (and timeless) model, in 2019 the crowdfunding platform officially launched the second chapter. Compared to what one might think, the first ukulele signed by Xiaomi was a record collection, reaching six times the sum foreseen by the fundraising. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Chinese house has decided to propose a revisited and improved model from various points of view and obviously the success was instantaneous. Do you want to recover? Don't worry why Xiaomi Populele 2 Smart Ukulele is available on offer with a discount code on Banggood and there is also shipping from Europe!

30 / 06 Update: new all-time low for the smart ukulele most loved by Mi Fans! Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Populele 2 Smart Ukulele: here's what changes compared to the first chapter

xiaomi populele 2

The Xiaomi Populele 2 shows a decidedly design more atypical, quite different than the classic ukulele. Not only for the positioning of the rosette of the moved sound box, but also for a less curved shape of the same. The materials of which it is composed are T700 carbon fiber and a ASA resin and is available in two colors, Matt Black and White.

Obviously, since it is a smart product, Xiaomi has pursued the didactic discourse introduced with the first Populele. As a result, the new model also enjoys connectivity Bluetooth which, used in synergy with thededicated app developed in collaboration with the famous Berkley College, it allows you to learn to play the instrument correctly, between fingering, chords and so on. There are various songs to be able to delight in learning and even being able to record to listen to each other again.

Xiaomi Populele 2 discount code: the Smart Ukulele returns the offer from Europe

The smart ukulele Xiaomi Populele 2 is available on offer with discount code on the Banggood store, complete with shipping directly from European warehouses (free). This is the best price ever: only 51 € for one of the most loved Xiaomi accessories, perfect to take to the beach to cheer up friends during bonfires. Below you will find the link to the product page, together with the coupon to use to save. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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Shipping from EUROPE

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