ENGWE Engine Pro: Powerful and long-lasting Fat Bike

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That of the Fat Bike it can no longer be defined as a fashion, as more and more people use them to move around in their daily lives. Choosing a model, however, certainly not easy, but with electric bikes like the ENGWE Engine Pro, now in offering with discount code su Geekbuying, the options to be evaluated shrink and become interesting.

ENGWE Engine Pro discount code: how to save on the electric bike on offer

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What does the Fat Bike ENGWE? The Engine Pro it shows itself with a definitely sporty design, but without giving up a style that is perfect for the city and in line with its category. As we can see, it is a foldable bike, therefore also comfortable to carry. For the wheels, we have some 20 ″ x 4 ″ fat tires, with toothed structure and therefore suitable for all conditions.

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Moving on to the technical side, we have a powerful engine from 750W which, combined with the large battery from 48 V / 16 Ah allows to obtain a maximum autonomy up to 120 km, which is difficult to find in the same price category. There is also a double hydraulic disc brake system, so both front and rear, a color LCD display and the right one lighting both forward and backward for night walks. There is also a system of Cruise Control and an 8-speed Shimano gearbox.

But how can we save on this Fat Bike? There electric bicycle ENGWE Engine Pro you can buy it on offer on Geekbuying, which brings it to you at a competitive price thanks to a discount code dedicated. Everything is then made even more convenient thanks to the convenient shipping from Europe. NB If you do not see the box correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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