The portable BLUETTI EP500 Pro generator available in Europe

bluetti ep500 pro portable solar generator features price europe

After a period of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the portable generator BLUETTI EP500 Pro is finally available. The solar-powered device stands as one of the most powerful models around, while maintaining a market price framed for the category.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro: all the secrets of the portable solar-powered generator

bluetti ep500 pro portable solar generator features price europe 2

Il BLUETTI generator it has a compact structure for the type of product and its portability is also dictated by the front and rear wheels of different sizes for a more comfortable movement. It can supply electricity when there are no sockets nearby thanks to the powerful inverter from 3.000W, with a form from 5.100 Wh consisting of a LiFePO4 battery. It can also act as an uninterruptible power supply in the event of a power failure.

bluetti ep500 pro portable solar generator features price europe 3

Fast charging is also its strong point, since thanks to theMPPT solar inverter the device charges in poco more than two hours thanks to a light input of up to 2.400W. In addition, with the support of solar panels and alternating current, it can further reduce charging times with an input power of 5.400W. Among other things, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro it is smart and can be controlled remotely with a smartphone thanks to the dedicated application for iOS and Android, even at great distances.

Price and availability

The BLUETTI EP500 Pro portable generator is therefore available for purchase in Europe on the own official store, where the Prime 60 unit are for sale in 4.999€, therefore with € 1.000 discount. The next 100 units will have a discount of 700€, therefore at the price of 5.299€. If this is not possible, the list price of this model is 5.999€.

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