BlitzWolf BW-GD2 review: the comfortable gaming desk

blitzwolf bw-gd2 gaming desk cover review

With the increase in users who look to gaming, whether mobile or desktop, the number of accessories and peripherals to facilitate gaming sessions has also increased. Something that can be very useful in this regard is definitely the gaming desk BlitzWolf BW-GD2, which we tested for the review and that keeps us company in our editorial office.

BlitzWolf BW-GD2 Review | Gaming desk

Package Contents

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La BlitzWolf desk comes in a package compact enough to be that of a table and inside it contains the piano, the feet to be assembled, the stickers to attach to the feet and all the accessories to fit around. All very concrete and without too many frills.

Design and materials

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Once the desk is assembled, we find ourselves in front of a piece of furniture with strong references to gaming, given the captivating design and decidedly devoted to use during Core gaming sessions. There BlitzWolf BW-GD2 it is a model not too tall, but suitable for almost all users: the dimensions are in fact 140 x 75 x 66 cm, so it fits in any type of location without being bulky. You have a place to put a glass or a bottle, one to put the headphones on and also one to put the cables through. For the materials, the feet are in aluminum, while the top is in chipboard of excellent quality with plasticized texture on the top.

Experience of use

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After having explained it in a concrete way, let's then move on to understand how it is about this desk BlitzWolf in review. Model BW-GD2 it is a rather comfortable table to use, the seat is very optimized and allows you to have a correct posture. What we liked was the ability to not only reach the glass and headphone slots easily, but also the fact that we could not see the monitor cables and other devices at all left us satisfied. Definitely promoted experience.

BlitzWolf BW-GD2 Review - Price and Conclusions

So what about this BlitzWolf desk in review? There BW-GD2 it is a very concrete product, really suitable for many domestic and work situations, both for seating and for construction. In addition, we have the excellent mitigating factor given by the price: in fact, with a range of 90-100 €, you can take home a well-made product by purchasing it from Banggood. Note If you do not see the link correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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