BlitzWolf BW-GC1 review: the gaming chair devoted to relaxation

blitzwolf bw-gc1 gaming chair cover review

After seeing how the BlitzWolf desk had made office work and gaming sessions comfortable, it's time to understand how the gaming chair of the same brand made us relax while working. In fact, in the review area of BlitzWolf BW-GC1 gaming chair, we explain why it is an armchair to recommend for both home and office and how it made sitting easier for us.

BlitzWolf BW-GC1 Review | Gaming chair

Package Contents

blitzwolf bw-gc1 gaming chair review 01

La BlitzWolf gaming chair in review find a package containing the parts of the same and especially the tools to assemble it. Very simple, very direct: it is a chair after all.

Design and materials

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The design is substantially very sporty and in line with the other armchairs of the category. We have two pillows, one lumbar and one cervical, i armrests and also a removable footrest. As for the materials, we have an almost total leatherette covering, as we find it for the cushions, which is accompanied by the PVC of the armrests and of the floor lamp in which the underlying wheels are housed.

Experience of use

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How was the experience in session with the BlitzWolf chair? To be honest, it was all very comfortable. So do the pillows removable, which allow a correct posture and therefore allow us to remain seated for hours without getting tired. The seat itself is adjustable, so you can easily stay in it in the way you prefer. And, if you need relaxation, it is back is adjustable and with the footrest removable so that you can practically lie down on it.

BlitzWolf BW-GC1 Review - Price and Conclusions

Let's close this review with an awareness: BlitzWolf, in terms of office and gaming, it really does an impeccable job. And this gaming chair is a practical example of that, as it brings us uncompromising comfort and posture. We also find this in the price, considering that the BW-GC1 you can find it on Banggood in a range between 85 and €90, which is certainly a great price for this type of seat. We leave you the purchase link below: if you don't see it correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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