Black Shark has launched sunglasses for gamers

black shark star eye gaming sunglasses price

That Black Shark was very attentive to needs of mobile gamers is a fact, but new sunglasses dedicated are definitely a gem not to be poco. The pair launched by the Xiaomi affiliated brand facilitates players and arrives on the market at an honest price.

Black Shark Star Eye: all about gaming sunglasses

black shark star eye gaming sunglasses price 2

The design of the Black Shark Star Eye is something basically common, with a Wayfarer-like cut, but with the particularity of having lenses designed to play under the sun. In fact, in addition to having one blue light protection, which therefore avoids tiring the eye, are equipped with a protection UV400, which allows you to have no vision problems when you are outdoors on sunny days.

black shark star eye gaming sunglasses price 3

Returning to the blue light filter, Black Shark has adopted a 60% absorption system, compared to the usual 90% which can lead to not perceiving more faithful colors when looking at the screen. The material with which they are made is a TR90 type polymer, while the rods are made to be stored comfortably.

The new gaming sunglasses Black Shark Star Eye arrive in the Chinese market at a price of approx 24€ (169 yuan). Unfortunately we do not know if the brand will also bring them to the West, but it is not excluded that they can reach us through the various import stores.

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