After the "Crocs" of Xiaomi YouPin come the Baby Shark style slippers: very tender!

Xiaomi YouPin Baby Shark Slippers

We have already repeated it many times but we will never tire of reiterating it: the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform is a real gold mine for fans of the brand. The products available are really many and in some cases, so special that you didn't even know you needed them. An example? The Crocs-like from YouPin have been a success, thanks to the unmistakable style and the low price. But now there is a new product to keep an eye on, super flashy but super cute. We are talking about the new ones slippers di Xiaomi YouPin, characterized by a unique look that cannot fail to bring to mind Baby Shark!

Xiaomi YouPin and Baby Shark slippers: all about summer slippers!

Xiaomi YouPin Baby Shark Slippers

The novelty of summer 2022 - high fashion, no doubt about it - comes from the brand's crowdfunding portal but is available for us thanks to AliExpress. The Xiaomi YouPin shark slippers they make you want to hum Baby Shark and are available in various sizes and colors. The numbers go from 38 / 39 44 to / 45 while as regards the available versions we have both classic colors (Black, White, Beige) and other more striking ones (Green, Yellow, Blue, Mint). Given the style of these slippers, perhaps the color actually represents less flashy detail.

Xiaomi YouPin Baby Shark Slippers

Perfect both at home and at the sea, the new Xiaomi YouPin slippers arrive with a design that recalls that of a shark, complete with a dorsal fin and toothed mouth. The final effect is very tender: it looks like a Baby Shark! Comfortable, equipped with sole antislip and a height of 4 cm, it is an irresistible accessory. If you really don't want to wear it on the beach we understand you but you can do as we do: no one in the house will judge you!

Le Baby Shark style slippers di Xiaomi YouPin are available on AliExpress at the price of around € 15 or € 17, by number and color. Below you will find the link to the product page: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Many sizes and colors available!

Shipping from CHINA 1 €

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€15 or €17

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