Xiaomi's "Crocs" Tetris give a touch of color to your summer, for only € 22

Crocs Tetris from Xiaomi YouPin

In recent days we have talked about YouPin's "Crocs", or rather the version of the famous rubber sandals launched on the platform of the Chinese house (and also available from us thanks to AliExpress). Today we stay on the subject and present you a decidedly over the top variant: colorful, sunny and fun, the Crocs in the style of Tetris arrive from Xiaomi YouPin but they can always be purchased from AliExpress, obviously at a discounted price!

Xiaomi YouPin present the "Crocs" in Tetris style: beautiful and colorful!

Crocs Tetris from Xiaomi YouPin

The success of the most loved and hated sandals in the world is on everyone's lips and there really is absolutely nothing to add. The brand Crocs has inspired numerous brands and among these we also find one of the companies of Xiaomi YouPin, who, however, has seen fit to give a touch of originality to his creation. In fact, in addition to the classic look that characterizes these clogs, we have super bright colors and a texture that recalls the bricks of the Tetris. Whether you are a fan of the legendary game or not, it is impossible not to be captivated by this invasion of colors. Made in EVA, are available in the Pink, Yellow, Purple, Caramel, Blue and Gray versions. All you have to do is choose the model you prefer and bring a touch of color to your feet!

Crocs Tetris from Xiaomi YouPin

- rubber clogs in aquascape Crocs and with a look inspired by the Tetris arrive from Xiaomi YouPin but they are also available for purchase for us Westerners thanks to the AliExpress store, at a price around €22. Below you will find the link to the purchase: on the product page there are various colors and sizes. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Many models and numbers available

Shipping from CHINA 8.4 €

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