Effect X Notes: does Xiaomi also think about a return of phablets?

xiaomi possible return phablet mi max

vivo X Notes it was, in some ways, a kind of breath of fresh air in the market, although the idea of ​​phablets is not entirely new, but it was enough to arouse other brands, including Xiaomi. Or at least, this is what the CEO of the company suggests, who recalled the glories of the Mi Max series and which could open to scenarios close to that category.

Lei Jun remembers the first Mi Max, can a new Xiaomi phablet arrive?

xiaomi possible return phablet mi max 2

Where does the discussion topic about Xiaomi arise? It all stemmed from a video uploaded by Lei Jun, founder of the brand, where he remembers the series with pleasure Xiaomi Mi Max and in fact, in the funny movie, two company employees play ping pong with the smartphone as a racket. However, he leaves a note on this: when in 2016 It was launched, a diagonal from 6.44" it used to be considered a huge amount, while today it's pretty much the standard and it's not even the biggest one.

This has done nothing but unleash users on Weibo, which between considerations regarding the words of the CEO of Xiaomi and requests to return the series, have found that it is not excluded that the brand is seriously thinking about the return of a phablet. And therefore, you have to wait for a possible Xiaomi Max 4? The answer is currently not there, but it is clear that in a Chinese key this topic is very interesting, although Lu Weibing, now CEO of Redmi, in 2019 said that there would be no successors. But you know, in technology, things change quickly.

xiaomi possible return phablet mi max 3

But how could the new Max be? Following the new style lines, it would be a smartphone with display around 7 ", full screen of course, while for the technical specifications it is more difficult to place it: the previous Xiaomi models were Medium-range, but to compete with vivo, it would then have to up the ante or, to make it more accessible as is usual for the company, it could come with a mid-range 5G chipset.

In short, it seems to understand that users do not want phablets to remain a circumscribed case and that therefore a return of Xiaomi in this regard can tease many fans of the big screens. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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