MIUI 13 updates: the battery becomes smarter

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Another lap, another race: Xiaomi has released a new update is preferably used for MIUI 13 Beta, revealing interesting news for the future of UI. As you probably know, they exist different versions of MIUI, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. In the case of the MIUI Beta, it is the ROM designed to carry out the beta testing of the software by the enlisted users. But not only that, because Xiaomi also exploits the Beta ROMs to test novelties that could land on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO.

Xiaomi updates the MIUI 13 Beta and shows us what the news of the future will be

Here, then, is that by digging inside the MIUI 13 Beta in version 22.5.16 there are very interesting news. Starting from having revealed what the feature software that will characterize the folding Xiaomi MIX Fold and the future tablet. As for the more classic smartphones, a novelty for the NFC connectivity. A new less specific has been introduced, with which the user can choose which payment app to match by default to payment via NFC, as well as reset its settings.

xiaomi miui 13 22.5.16 new
Before (left), after (right)

For lovers of ergonomics, in 22.5.16 there is also an important news for the navigation keys, designed to facilitate one-handed use. With this update, in fact, users will be able to choose whether to have the buttons on the screen in the central position, on the right or on the left.

xiaomi miui 13 22.5.16 new

Finally, another novelty that many will like about this new MIUI 13 Beta concerns the functioning of the battery. Apparently, the smartphone will be able to calculate via machine learning how many hours are left before the battery is discharged. In this way, you could understand how long it will take before you have to put the smartphone in charge and act preventively.

xiaomi miui 13 22.5.16 new

As anticipated, all these innovations are found within the 22.5.16 version of the MIUI 13 Beta, therefore they are not yet available to anyone. But if you still want to get a taste, you can download and install the Beta ROM for your smartphone by following this dedicated article.

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