Xiaomi and Leica, now it's official: 12 Ultra the first smartphone together

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After months and months of voices, the relationship between Xiaomi e Leica it is definitely reality. In fact, from an official announcement of the smartphone brand, we discover that the next flagship, probably Xiaomi 12Ultra, will be the first in collaboration with the colossus of photographic optics.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra with Leica lenses and software: the smartphone appears in the teaser video

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The announcement of Xiaomi it is certainly very clear on the matter. This is because the teaser actually shows us the two logos together, but also a simulation of when shooting with a compact camera. But, in practice, what will Leica bring to Xiaomi? In another video posted by the company, we see the first tests by the engineers of the German house at work with a smartphone.

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And, considering that it is an unprecedented form factor in the brand's line-up, it is very likely that it is Xiaomi 12Ultra, popped up in his first, true official images. Quite coherently, one can think that Leica is going to bring not only his own lenses to the Chinese company's smartphones, but also a larger one video stabilization and in the shots, as well as changes software. In short, it is very likely that the work is not far from what it was done with Huawei.

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These are the words of Lei Jun on the matter: "Xiaomi focuses on creating an optimal user experience and has always hoped to explore smartphone photographic capabilities to the extreme. Xiaomi and Leica share their respective goals and ideas and appreciate each other's benefits and industry. This cooperation will give a strong boost to our imaging strategy. While collaborating, from optical design to aesthetic fine-tuning, both sides' innovative technologies, product philosophies and imaging preferences experienced unprecedented collision and deep fusion.".

But when does the first Xiaomi and Leica co-engineered smartphone arrive? Assuming that it could be 12 Ultra, Lei Jun's brand has announced that it will come to July 2022. So, we just have to wait for the upcoming summer to find out more.

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