A famous Xiaomi smartphone says goodbye to updates

redmi note 7 pro stop miui updates

From time to time, new smartphones Xiaomi e Redmi they add to the infamous list end of support. This is because it is the list of smartphones that have reached the end of software support once the time window guaranteed by the company has expired. In the case of Xiaomi (and its various sub-brands) this usually stands at three years, although this timing may vary according to the market segment to which it belongs. As we know, in fact, it is the top of the range that receive updates for the longest time, followed by the mid-range models and finally by the low-end ones.

Three Xiaomi smartphones become part of the list of models that have reached the "End of Support"

In the case of Xiaomi, three other smartphones have joined the company in recent weeks EOS list: I'm talking about Redmi Note 7 e Note 7 Pro. Two of the best-selling smartphones of recent years, as evidenced by the over 40 million units sold during its marketing. A success that has arrived also here in Europe, turned out to be one of the best-selling models on the entire continent in its debut year.

redmi note 7 pro stop miui updates

But we are still talking about two smartphones launched over three years ago and which have physiologically reached the end of software support. No more MIUI updates, then, as well as no more security patch updates (and Android, of course). To these is also added another much less popular smartphone such as Redmi go, smartphone born within the Android Go project.

At this point, the only way to bring forward the longevity of the software is to rely on the world of modding. You probably won't find much in the case of Redmi Go, while we're sure Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro will continue to be supported by the community. For instance, in this article you can already find the custom ROMs to update them to the latest Android 12.

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