Xiaomi Band 7 NFC: check the price, but beware of the Pro version

xiaomi band 7 nfc pro possible price leak

Xiaomi Band 7, next smartband of the Chinese giant, does not have an official release date to date, but the latest rumors can tell us something about the price. In fact, from a new leak we learn how much the NFC variant, while from another indiscretion comes the news of a possible Pro model.

Update: we point out that Xiaomi Band 7 was made official on May 24th. Here you will find all the details about the device!

Xiaomi Band 7 NFC will have a competitive price: what is known about the Pro version?

xiaomi band 7 nfc pro possible price leak 2

How do we learn about the cost of the Xiaomi Band 7 NFC? The smartband has sprung up in an unspecified store, in a very similar form to the previous one but with a much larger display, although it is to be taken with a grain of salt, as it could be a placeholder. In any case, the new model is presented with a list price of approx 38€ (269 yuan), therefore a very framed price and in line with the past.

xiaomi band 7 nfc pro possible price leak 3

But the news about the range Xiaomi Band 7 I don't end up here at all. In fact, from another leak we learn of an unpublished one Pro version, which came out of the smart lock application Mi Door Lock, which has been updated and finds both the aforementioned smartband with NFC, and the possible Pro model. The standard model is not present as it is not equipped with the connected connectivity module. This opens up to really interesting scenarios, with this major model coming up with a wider display.

Unfortunately we do not yet know when we will welcome these Band 7 on the market, but it is not excluded that Xiaomi may present them in the event where the new ones will arrive Redmi Note 11T.

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