It is still early to talk about Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro ... or maybe not?

xiaomi 13pro

We recently said goodbye to one of the most anticipated products of the Chinese company, namely the latest Band 7 Xiaomi license plate. The news does not end here and after the announcement of the collaboration with Leica the desire to know the next top 12 Ultra it's a lot. Not to mention the other upcoming models, both Global and in China. There will never even be room for Xiaomi 13 e 13 Pro or is it still too early to talk about future flagships?

Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro in the first certifications: when is the debut?

The answer comes from the IMEI database and from some acronyms found by colleagues at Xiaomiui. The certification body has seen the debut of some new Xiaomi-branded devices and it seems that these are already the future tops of the Asian brand. Xiaomi 13 would appear with the abbreviations 221113C e 2211133G, respectively for the models destined for the Chinese and international markets. We then Xiaomi 13 Pro, with the abbreviations 2210132C e 2210132G.

xiaomi 12 pro max certification leak 0

Unfortunately, there are still no details on design and specifications (even if we already talk about the presence of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2); however, having the abbreviations is important in view of any benchmarks or further certifications, in order to be able to recognize the devices.

It is also interesting to note a detail: the much talked about top 12 Ultra has not yet been announced yet Xiaomi is already working on the new flagship generation. The iMEI certification also indicates that the Chinese house is well underway. All this indicates that this year we could have an early launch: usually Xiaomi's flagships are launched at December. This year we will have Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro ahead? However, the most papable hypothesis remains "distant", ie the month of November. Will it really be like that? All that remains is to wait for more news ... maybe with some leaks on specifications and design!

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