Usmile U3 review: the SMART electric toothbrush with super AUTONOMY


I have always been a lover of oral hygiene; since I was a child I have always brushed my teeth with an exaggerated frequency, almost crazy and then this, in adulthood, led me to ruin my so-called “collars”. I do the cleaning very often and recently, talking to my hygienist, we faced the topic "electric toothbrush". He said to me: "You should try it, it will change your life". Said and done, because I got this product, it is usmile U3. So his arrival was providential and I've been using it for several days. Now I'm ready to tell you about it in this short preview. Just know that it costs less than € 100 and is a valid alternative to those on the market of more famous brands.

Usmile U3 review: the electric toothbrush with TOP AUTONOMY and SMART functions

Package Contents

I have to admit: the packaging of this usmile U3 it is really well made, with attention to the smallest details and with an aggressive design that is fashionable and then it is light (only 500 grams). Opening the package we are faced with the toothbrush, a USB A-USB C charging cable and two heads protected by a plastic case. Not bad.


Design and materials

Having only tried one Oral B in my life, my judgment has been filtered a bit. The model I tested - not mine but I bought a cartridge to test it best - is very basic, but nothing to do with it usmile U3. He comes with a captivating, aggressive and very elegant aesthetic. The finish is satin, the color is black and we find an LED below that signals us when the toothbrush is on and then a glossy finish containing a three-segment micro display (which indicate the intensity of the motor), a round central button and two buttons located lower down with which to navigate the menus (pass me the term). If desired, there is also the white version. More beautiful black, in my opinion, but not bad considering the selling price.

It grips well and does not slip and on the lower part we find the door Type C for charging. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of charging bases, but that's a lot more practical. Too bad we didn't find a case; I would have liked it. Obviously it is IPX7 certified, this means that it can be put under water without problems.

Technical features

The bristles seem soft enough to me, suitable for my needs. I don't have to ruin the collars for anything in the world, so I'm always very careful in choosing a toothbrush: they are made using a particular dense micro-bubble technology, which serves to protect the gums.


In a nutshell, thanks to this feature, a deep cleaning of the teeth will be carried out which will remove even the most hostile stains that are created on the teeth, not exaggerating and irritating the gums. A peculiarity: when the filaments of the heads tend to lose color, then it means that the head itself has to be changed.


Like other models in this price range, it is not a toothbrush that does not communicate with an app to be installed on the smartphone, but is equipped with smart functions, a screen and different modes of use. Four different modes can be set:

  • Standard whitening: being slightly more powerful, I used it in the evening, to stay fresh for a long time.
  • Standard cleaning: I often used this mode when I brushed my teeth early in the morning.
  • Sensitive massage: this was my favorite. In the afternoon, before going out (yes, I brush my teeth too many times, I know, mea culpa) and in many other contexts.
  • Sensitive language: how much I love toothbrushes that allow me to clean my tongue: it's a banality but it makes all the difference in the world, in the morning as well as in the evening, above all.

There are also three "speeds". We refer to the Soft - Medium - High modes. The noise produced by the toothbrush does not exceed 75 db and the motor operates at 38.000 rpm.


The battery is a 2500 mAh energy cell which guarantees 180 days with a single charge: a record. By the way, full charging (via USB C, and by the way, you'll need an external plug if you don't have one) takes 4-5 hours to go from 0 to 100%. Poco bad: in one night you will have the toothbrush again usmile U3 ready to use for three months: mica poco.


Price and conclusions

We are talking about a product that costs (according to what can be seen from the company's website) only € 98,99, which is already a very cheap figure for what the device then offers. With the current promo you take home a €89,99.

I honestly feel like promoting it, also because it is one of those intriguing solutions that, once tried, will forever change the way you clean your teeth. If you are two at home, with your partner, you will save money because, as mentioned at the beginning, you will already find two heads in the package with which you can brush your teeth for about 3 months, as per tradition.

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