MiPods A6S headphones bring color and music to your ears

tws headphones offer mipods a6s how to save may 2022

Many wireless earphones are often presented to us in white or black, so unfortunately a little anonymous. What if we want some color? Thanks to TWS headphones MiPods A6S, it is possible to have not only a colorful product, but also at a very small price thanks to the offer Silvrr.

MiPods A6S offer: how to save on colored TWS headphones

tws headphones offer mipods a6s how to save may 2022 2

Headphones MiPods they are very small and light, really weighing poco, as well as having a conformation in-ear, therefore well optimized to the ear. Their aesthetic strength is undoubtedly the choice of colors, since there are really something for everyone. The case is also comfortable and pocketable.

tws headphones offer mipods a6s how to save may 2022 3

As for their functions, the A6S they are an overall valid model, equipped with standards Bluetooth 5.0 for a rather valid pairing, touch controls and the possibility of single use since a master headset is missing. The battery is also another strong point, since we find a module from 40 mAh which allows to obtain up to 3 hours non stop listening and up to 20 hours totals with the case from 300 mAh. And if you go for a run, they are protected from sweat with the IPX4 certification.

Where can we buy these delicious TWS headphones in offering? The MiPods A6S are discounted on the store Silvrr, where they are presented at a very attractive price and which allows you to have a nice product without expensive costs. We remind you that you can access the Silvrr offers only through the application, as we explain in the dedicated guide. NB If you do not see the box correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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