Tencent-Black Shark is not done: the giant drops the acquisition

tencent stop acquisition black shark grounds

A while ago, it was turned the indiscretion and Tencent was buying Black Shark, affiliate of Xiaomi devoted to mobile gaming. Well, from the latest news it seems that the same giant has abandoned the acquisition process, changing the scenarios.

Tencent abandons the acquisition of Black Shark: the reasons

tencent stop acquisition black shark reasons 2

To report everything is the head 21st Century Herald, which explains how Tencent abandoned theacquisition of Black Shark and this happened because it was not approved by the relevant departments, thus leading to the end of the negotiations. And to think that the transition should have taken place for a figure of about 380 million euro (2.7 billion yuan), so not gigantic but relevant.

Among other things, to make matters worse, the CEO di Black Shark, Luo Yuzhou, which totally ruled out the acquisition, reiterating that the brand still has financing and acquisition plans for the technologies. Therefore, the scenarios that the company wanted to produce change significantly VR devices for the Metaverse just under the wing of Tencent. Now, however, it is much more likely to remain in the field of smartphones, much more appreciated and better successful.

In short, Black Shark therefore remains under the aegis of Xiaomi and, for now, the near future will still be focused on the field of competence. But who knows that in the future it may not happen to see some more concrete project with Tencent. In case you want to buy Black Shark 4 Pro, we leave you there Buying Guide.

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