Shunzao Z15 review: the all-rounder with one more weapon

shunzao z15 review

A few months later we return to dealing with Shunzai, a brand that - especially in the last year - has made headlines for the excellent value for money that distinguishes its products. The new vacuum cleaner, which improves on the Z11 Max in terms of suction power and, why not, also aesthetics, it is proposed to the market once again with a more than competitive price considered the series of accessories dedicated to cleaning the whole house.

Shunzao Z15 review

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The product comes in a classic hardcover, which inside contains the vacuum cleaner (with the main brush) and all the dedicated accessories. More in detail we find the spear for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, the electrified brush to eliminate mites from carpets and cushions, the small brush used for removing animal hair and yet another for cleaning keyboards and non-linear surfaces. Unmissable, of course, the wall bracket e the power supply.

Design and materials

shunzao z15 accessories

The company - for this Shunzao Z15 - marries an extremely minimal design and does so also in terms of color. Unlike in the past, in fact, this model opts for a dark gray polycarbonate, which is repeated this time on the handle, in the filter housing area and on the brushes. This essential choice gives the product an appearance premium, feedback that does not remain just a sensation: materials and functionality make this Z15 a valid product from every point of view.

dashboard shunzao z15

To complete the body of the vacuum cleaner we find a LCD which has the function of showing the remaining autonomy through a green circular indicator, but also the suction mode currently in use; mode configurable from the button at the bottom of the display, next to which we find the button to insert the automatic suction. When the "padlock" is closed, just press once to activate constant suction (you do not have to hold down the trigger to suck). Finally, it is Shunzao Z15 it also borrows from the other vacuum cleaners of the company the tank emptying system which, in my opinion, turns out to be among the best. Just click on the "bin" button on the handle, to make the tank empty (you have to be careful only to do it near a bin, since the click for opening is immediate, the vacuumed garbage could end up by earth).

Suction power and operation - Shunzao Z15

brushes shunzao z15

As mentioned at the beginning, the Shunzao Z15, in addition to being very aesthetically appealing, it also presents itself as an excellent product in practical terms. In fact, we start from suction power of 210 AW (in turbo mode) which guarantees deep suction on all types of surfaces. To be clear, the top of the range from Dyson beats the reviewed product by 30 AW. In spite of the power, the Shunzao Z15 still manages to keep the decibels low: even using it at maximum intensity, the motor does not produce too much noise.

lance shunzao z15

Returning to the parallelism with the Z11 Max, this Shunzao also has a real one "Extra weapon" which this time is more optimized. We are talking about the second generation of the anti-winding brush. The brush of the Z15 is in fact interspersed with small "teeth" that have the task of cutting hair, hair and threads before they reach the area adjacent to the filter intact, thus avoiding that the vacuum cleaner can incur malfunctions or sudden shutdowns. It may seem like a da thing poco, but it has happened to us several times trying such products, to encounter this type of problem. Another aspect that particularly struck me is the handling of the vacuum cleaner, you can always use it without making the slightest effort.


garbage tank

La Shunzao Z15 mounts a battery from 3000 mAh (interchangeable) that yes 100% recharge in poco more than 3 hours. The company estimates an autonomy of about 1 hour, however very rarely you will be able to use it all this time. As we have anticipated, in fact, we have the possibility to set three different suction powers: Eco, Standard and Turbo.

power mode shunzao z15

As plausible, the maximum autonomy is obtained using the mode Eco. Autonomy that drops slightly in Standard mode and that settles on 15 minutes in mode Turbo. Basically, by alternating Standard and Turbo modes, you will be able to obtain a discreet cleaning of an environment of about 50/60 square meters.

Price and conclusions

Here we are at the conclusions. Is this vacuum cleaner worth buying? After trying it for about a month, net of the selling price (about 300 euros), the answer is definitely yes. Although the brand is not emblazoned, in fact, it offers a constructive quality not from poco and also the related functionalities solve various everyday problems. Added value, then, are the various accessory brushes present in packs which - over time - will surely come in handy.

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